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DaoZang Volume 5,  094b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 17 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 094b2

Shn Wng Xi Guān Q Shēn Shū Q Gōng Qn Shng Zu Zhū Tiān Wn Shn Cho Lǐ D Q Sh Mn
[So as to cause] the God-King to go down to observe each person's
life character and conduct, writing down theit merits and achievements,
and their diligence and toil to achieve,
[and maintain a level of] superior performance.
In the Heavens, the Ten Thousand Divine Spirits [hold a] Court Ceremony
[while] The Earth God attends upon the gate

D Gōng M Wng Bǎo Jŭ Shng Zhēn Do Bi K D Yu Xng
with great meritorious service regarding
[regarding his response to] the King of the Demons (Da Wang).
So that one is protected and raised up [in] the superior True Path of the Dao.
This being a complete and able [process] to get ready to travel

Sān Ji Shēng R Jīn Mn Cǐ Yīn W Suŏ B P B Rǎng
through the Three Borders (Past, Present, and Future Existences),
to ascend and enter in through the Golden Gate.
The welcome news is that there are none
[in need of governing so there is] no Sovereign.
There is no evil [so there is] no need for fasting and prayer.

W Suŏ B D W Suŏ B Chng Tiān Zhēn Z Rn Zhī Yīn Yĕ G Sng Zhī
There is no restraint [so all is] unrestrained and without limits.
There is no [competitiveness so there is no] Failure or coming up short.
The Celestially Endowed with their naive and innocent
heavenly nature of True Self explained in these Tidings (Yin)
is also a reason to chant them,

Zh Ch F Go Lng Yī Hū Wn Yīng Dān Guāng Hu Zho Bǎi Lǐ
Zh Ch F Go Lng Yī Hū Wn Yīng Dān Guāng Hu Zho Bǎi Lǐ

thus causing the activation of the Red Charm to ask for
the motivation of Ling (Marvellous Power).
A single shout, and ten thousand [or more] answer back.
Cinnabar's Bright Ray shines, and in its light, they circle about,
checking the authenticity of a hundred natural truths.

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