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DaoZang Volume 5,  094b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 17 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 094b1

Zŏng Jng Gu Qun
A Summing Up of the Stillness Met With At The Fountainhead.

Do Yn Cǐ Zhū Tiān Zhōng D Fn Yǐn Yŭ W Ling Zhī Yīn Ju Wn K Shū
Daoist doctrine states that the Center of Heaven contains the Great Brahmin (Da Fan),
which is an allusion to Boundlessness (Wu Liang).
That news is found in the use of the old [language and] characters
used to engrave the book.

Jing Ti Qong Hu Mio Lng Y Fēi Dān Yōng Guǎng Qu Zhī Shng Z Jiē Guǎng Zhǎng Yī Zhng
[The strange terms] the Deep-Red Platform, and the beautiful Jade Flower
[stand for] the Marvellous Energy (Ling),
along with the Jade Concubine (Yu Fei),
and the Cinnabar City wall (Dan Yong) of the vast Imperial Palace (Que).
The rising up of these words each makes up so vast an amount
that it continued to expand one zhang [a total of ten chinese feet].

Tiān Zhēn Hung Rn X Shū Q Wn Yǐ Wi Zhng Yīn Yŏu Zhī Q
[Concerning] the Celestially-Endowed Sovereign,
a person in former times wrote a book that corrected mistakes,
and gave all the standard pronunciations through having certain knowledge about them.

Yīn Nng Zhāi r Sng Zhī Zhĕ Zhū Tiān Jiē Qiǎn Ch F Dān Guāng
The news gave the ability through fasting and study to chant out [these things] loud to the Heavens, so that everyone can send [forth the message of] contained in the Red Charm and the Cinnabar's Bright Ray [map].

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