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DaoZang Volume 5,  092b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 15 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 092b1

Do Yn Fū Tiān D Yn Zhōng Xīng S Cu D R Yu Shī Huī S Sh
Daoist Doctrine says that a Man, [just like] Heaven and Earth's
movements, [bring] fortune and luck, [in like fashion] having no finish.
[In the same cyclic manner] the Constellations are interlocked
and alternate in their degrees so that [when] the
Sun and the Moon deviate [from their pattern],
they thereby lose their brilliance and luster,

Shī D Yīn Yng B Tio Guŏ Tŭ Yŏu Zāi Bīng G S Xīng Y D Li Xng
and the Four Seasons [as the days go on] lose their measure.
When Yin and Yang do not [properly] mix and blend their boundaries,
then the entire Nation has to deal with Calamity and Disaster.
Soldiers are soon fighting, and this transforms the Four Prosperties
into epidemic disease and pestilence.
As these prevail,

Zho Mn Sǐ Shāng Shī Yŏu Mng Gu Ling Shn Hng Yāng Jiē Dāng Xiū Zhāi Xng Xiāng Sng Jīng
so do the masses become the dead and wounded.
But with a Master (Shi) as teacher, along with others who have beome comrades,
life just seems to pass by.
With such good people, friendly and kind, when there occurs
unrestrained calamity, all come together when suitable to study,
fasting from meat, retiring into a room to burn incense and chant the liturgies.

Fū Zhāi Ji Sng Jīng Gōng D Shn Zhng Shng Xiāo Tiān Zāi
Now, to have a Person who is fasting and in abstinence,
and is chanting the liturgies with skill and a kind, moral heart
is very important.
This so that they will rise up to dispel natural calamity through

Bǎo Zhn D Wng Xi Rǎng D Hi Yǐ D Zho Mn Shng Sǐ Shu Li Q
the Protecting-Garrison (Bao Zhen) of the Emperor
who is King (Wang) of all below.
[This is to] remove evil by fasting and praying.
The Poisoned Mind (Du Hai) can be measured for the mass of people,
because life and death they [willingly] receive and endure instead.
Relying on this, they [bring about] their own happiness and good fortune.

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