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DaoZang Volume 5,  091b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 091b1

Lng Yīn M Wng Jng Xng Xio Zh D Q Sh Wi Sng Yng B Chū

carries with it the Marvellous Power (Ling).
These Tidings (Yin) even the King of the Demons (Mo Wang),
has to show respect to.
One's Body produces the results that are to be formulated.
The Earth God's (Di Qi) Imperial Bodyguard (Shi Wei)
is there to see and welcome you when you are ready to arrive,
and draw one up through the Earth Door (Di Hu - the Nose).

Bā Nn Sh Zŭ Shēng Qiān Yŏng L Guǐ Guān Hn D Zhū Lng
The Five Hardships (Wu Ku) and the Eight Difficulties (Ba Nan)
a Learned Gentleman, a Scholar (Shi) has is given the Ancestor's
promotion to forever be able to drive away
the [interference of any] Ghosts (Gui).
The Official over one's Superior Vital Spirits (Hun) are given
gives them his consideration at the Vermilion Mausoleum, (Zhu Ling)

Shu Lin Gng Shēng Sh Wi Jiŭ Ling Pŭ D W Qong Yŏu B Shng
Tiān Wn

where they go to receive refinement and regeneration.
What this really means that every 9 years,
that [using the method of] Relieving the Soul Out of Purgatory (Pu Du)
is endless and inexhaustible.
This actually deals with a Secret (Bi), one that is
writen in Divine Characters (Tian Wen).

Zhū Tiān Gng Suŏ Su Xi Mn Du D Y
These [things come from the] Heavens (Zhu Tian),
Sharing in this, when ghosts are released,
this will defer one from sinking into Hell (Duo Di Yu)

Hu J Qī Zŭ Wēng
and calamity and disaster are denied reaching you
By the Seven Founding Ancestors (Qi Zu),
and the Old Man who is the Grand-Father (Weng).

Do Yn Cǐ r Zhāng Bng Sh Zhū Tiān Shng D J Zh Lng Zhēn Wng

Daoist doctrine states that these two different sections are united together
correctly by the Supreme Heavenly God (Zhu Tian Shang Di).
Then it is up to the Marvellous Power (Ling),
and the True Grand-Monarch (Zhen Wang)

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