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DaoZang Volume 5,  091a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 091a2

Zho Ch Zhng Hūn
It shines clearly through the heavy layers
of Dimness and Confusion (Zhong Hun).

Qīng Xi Bĕi Fēng
Clarity flows swiftly from the North of Hell.

Pŭ Sh Yōu Hn
Universal Forgiveness (Pu She) makes tranquil
the Superior Vital Spirit (Hun).

Wn Li Xiāo Yo
The Myriad Things wander about in leisure.

Sh Fāng Mng Ēn
For the Ten Directions [are where one meets up with]
Mercy and Enlightenment (Meng En).

Cǐ Sān Ji Zhī Shng Fēi Kōng Zhī Zhōng Zhēn Wng Gē Yīn Yīn Shēn
Dng Zhāng Sng Zhī

And of the Three Barders (San Ji- Past, Present, and Future Existences),
high above one flies into the Emptiness (Kong).
At the Center the multitude of the True Grand-Monarch
(Zhen Wang) sing the Tidings.
These Tidings are the same that are consulted as

Bǎi Bin Mng D Nn Gōng Sng Zhī Qiān Bin Zhēn Wng Bǎo Yng
Wn Bin Do

the Hundred Pervasions (Bai Bian), which is the [same] name
used to describe them in the Southern Palace.
Chanting the Thousand Pervasions (Qian Bian) means that
the True Grand-Monarch (Zhen Wang) is guarranteed to come forward
and welcome one to the Path of the Thousand Pervasions (Wan Bian Dao)

Bi Fēi Shēng D Kōng Gu D Sān Ji Wi Dēng Xiān Gōng Yŏu Wn
to prepare [one] to fly up into Heaven in the Great Emptiness
(Da Kong- the space of the universe).
Also to exceed the Three Borders (San Ji- Past, Present, and Future Existences)
is to go to the location where one becomes a guest on high (Deng Xian- to die).
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