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DaoZang Volume 5,  090b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 090b1

Fēi Lng Jiē Yun Gāng
Flying swiftly, the Spirit (Ling) bears the fruit
of the First and Main Principle (Yuan Gang).

Shng Kāi Guǎng Qong Sh
[This thing is] superior for opening [up] the vast Fine-Jade Room.

Xi B Li Jǐng Fng
Below, spread out and drifting around,
is the Scene (Jing) of the Constellation.

Sān Yun Xun D Zu
[From] Three Walls is suspended the Emperor's Constellation-Seat (Zuo).

Ch Wn Lu Wŭ Fāng
The Red-Character Writings (Chi Wen)
were collected from the Five [Sacred] Places (Wu Fang).

Ni Chn Y J Zhēn
Within is where is displayed the beautiful
Extreme Limit (Ji) of Truth (Zhen).

Bǎo Cǐ D Jīng Chng
Preserved and protected are these major scriptures and principles.

Kōng Shēng Chn D Niŭ
In the emptiness of the Sky life is wound and wrapped,
to the Earth it is tied.

Mng Mng D Lng Kāng
Obscurely measuring, the Dragon checks well-being.

Zhēn Wng Y Tiān Mǎ
The True Grand-Monarch drives a carriage
[pulled by several] Heavenly Horses (Tian Ma).

Bǎo Qu Shū Dān Guāng
[And from the] Precious-Jade Palace,
stretches forth 'Cinnabar's Bright Ray'.

Tiān Yn Qǐ Xun T
Heaven's Motion [the producer of Fortune and Fate] is
[both] the explanation and beginning of the Xuan Tu
(the Black Drawing or Profound Plan).

Y Do Fā Jiā Xing
The Jade Path (Yu Dao) issues out [and promotes] Good Luck.

Yun Jūn Chng Hu Q
The Primordial Sovereign (Yuan Jun) rides upon it,
taking advantage in its [ability to bring on]
Hua Qi (Activation of Vital Energy).

Shn Bin B Kĕ Ling
Divine-Supernatural Metamorphosis
can not be [subjected to] amount or measurement.

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