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DaoZang Volume 5,  089b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 089b2

Shēng Xiān Do Gu Shēng W Ling D Rn Shng Kāi Bā Mn Jīng Tiān
Fǎ Ln Zi F Jn

Ascending with the Fairy Way (Xian Dao) is highly valued for its ability
to produce Boundless Salvation (Wu Liang Du Ren),
and is also superior in opening the Eight Gates (Ba Men).
Scriptures (Jing) concerning Heaven,
such as those of Buddhism and its Wheel of Dharmic Law (Fa Lun)
which consists of Suffering and Happiness forbid this.

Ji S Mng Yīn Yun Pŭ Shu Lin D Sǐ Hn Shēng Shēn Shēn
For Buddhist monks and nuns (Jie) deal in Predestination (Su Ming),
But the Cause Which Produces Effects in Another Stage of Existence (Yin Yuan)
[a tenet of] Universal Acceptance (Pu Shou), can refine to the limit
the dead person's superior Vital Spirit (Hun) so that life can be returned to the body.
That body

D Shu Shēng Shng Wn Zhū Tiān Zhū Zhī Shng G Yŏu Shēng Mn
Zhōng Yŏu

can be made ready to receive life through the Heavenly Tidings (Shang Wen),
which bring into effect all of Heaven,
this then causes to happen the person to be drawn upward.
Each of these things is dealt with
through the Gate of Life (Sheng Men- the Belly).
Within the Center is dealt with

Hn Tiān Kāi Ji Zhī Zhāng Xiān Shng Lng Piān C Shēn Gāo Zhēn
[the thing known as] Confusion (Hun).
Heaven moves to deal with Calamity and Suffering (Jie).
This Chapter (Zhang) deals with the Fairies and the Saints,
the Marvellous Power of the Spirit (Ling).
The next Section (Pian) is concerned with Phraseology (Ci)
Consulting it one will find out about 'Highest-Truth' (Gao Zhen).

D Yī Hn J Fēi Xiān Ch F Zhī Yīn
The foremost thing is about dealing with Confusion (Hun),
using the First Principle, the Extreme Limit (Ji).
Also covered is Flying Fairyhood (Fei Xian)
and how is employed the Red Charm (Chi Fu) when spreading the Tidings.

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