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DaoZang Volume 5,  089b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 089b1

Yǐn Do Jiē Yu
the concealed Pathway (Yin Dao) to receive and inspect

Yun T Qiān H Wn H Z Rn Chng Zhēn Zhēn Zhōng Yŏu Shn
the Primal Drawing (Yuan Tu).
A Thousand Gentle Kindnesses and Ten Thousand Cooperative Goodnesses
come from following What Comes Natural (Zi Ran).
What is accomplished from this is genuine.
It is also true that at the Center there is a god,

Dōng Hu Tiān Jūn Fāng Zhū D Yī Ti S Qiān Jīng Xun Guāng Bǎo
Mng Hn Dng Yn Shēng

who is the Eastern Essence (Dong Hua),
Heaven's Supreme Ruler (Tian Jun)
under whose Directions (Fang) things are brought into effect.
There is Emperor One (Di Yi- Ruler of the Upper Cinnabar Field),
who is the Single Great Element (Yi Tai Su)
among a thousand Essences (Jing).
It is Abtruse Brightness (Xuan Guang) that preserves the life
that is mixed together in the Cavity.
Prolonging Life through [use of]

Ch F Dān L Yŏng Zhn Xun Gēn Shng Yu Qīng Wēi Chū R Dng
Xū Wēi Wēi Tiān

the Red Charm (Chi Fu) and the Cinnabar Map (Dan Lu).
Perpetually-flowing, tranquil and at ease,
There where was the Profound Dark Root (Xuan Gen).
If one would rise above to ramble about there where things
are Thoroughly Clear and Settled (Qing),
one would appear to be a tiny thing,
coming in and going out of the Cavity of Void-Emptiness (Dong Xu),
with the majesty of Heaven overhead.

Qu Li Shng Zhī Jŭ Xi Jing Zhŏng Mn Shēng Jŭ
There, lined up in rows at the Imperial Palace Gate (Que),
the Sages (Sheng) who occupy the various parts of the place.
Though descending from there are the [so-called]
Seed People (Zhong Min- the survivers of the apocalypse fortold
by the Southern Celestial Master's Tradition).
[the remaining is] Uplifting (Sheng Ju)

Qīng Dū Zhōng Lǐ Ti J Hn H Kōng W Sh Zhun Hu Lng Wn
Jǐng Tng

At the Quiet Capital (Qing Du) at the Center (Zhong),
attention is paid to the Flow of Logic (Li),
and the Grand Ultimate Extreme Principle (Tai Ji) that mixes
in Void-Emptiness (Kong).
Without regard to this, during the ten changes that happen
as things revolves around, there is [all of the time displayed]
the Marvellous Power (Ling) that operates under all the myriad conditions,
much in the same way that the

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