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DaoZang Volume 5,  089a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 089a2

Kāi Zhāng Dān Guāng Chng L Sān Jng Ān Tiān Ln Zhun Kūn Bīng
Bāo Lu Y Qiān

the first order of business is that the Cinnabar's Bright Ray [Map] (Dan Guang)
establishes the three Views (San Jing)
where it is well-known that Heaven and its gods
revolve around Mount Kun and its immediate range,
where its soldiers assure the spreading out
of a hundred million thousand

Yun Lǎo Xi Jiāo Pŭ D Qn Xiān Sān Tiān Sān D Gun Q Sān Yun
senior statesment below to provide the teaching
that Relieve Souls out of Purgatory (Pu Du).
The group of Fairies [who concern themselves with]
the Three Heavens and the Three Earths (San Tian San Di),
pouring the Qi over the Three Walls (San Yuan).

Bā Jǐng Y Lu Q R Gāo Xun Zhōng Zh Zhēn Dān Xiāo Shng Qīng
Pi Tiān Qong Wn

while at the Eight Auspicious Prospects (Ba Jing),
like a beautiful Silk Net (Luo) the Qi joins in at the highest level
From the Dark Center (Xuan Zhong) the Extreme Truth (Zhi Zhen),
[goes to] the red-cinnabar clouds, rising up to its High Officials (Qing),
wearing on the waist Heaven's Jade Writings

Jio L Chēng Zūn H Jǐng Fēi Xi Zh Yŏng Dng Jīng Jīn Hu Li Cǎi Pŭ
Sh Yn Yng Y Zhāng

teaching the instructions contained in the Record (Lu)
that has been given the title of Venerating the Harmonious Scene (Zun He Jing).
Flying up among the Red-tinged Clouds (Xia), having in one's grip
so one can recite it, the Cavity Scripture (Dong Jing).
Around the Golden [flower-like] Corona (Jin Hua) one drifts,
Drifting around like Colored Silk (Cai), there is Universal Assimulation.
In the clouds there in a Barracks (Ying) in which is [kept guarded]
the Jade Seal (Yu Zhang)

D Go Fng Jiǎn Lng Shū Hui Tiān
of the Great Imperial Mandate. The Male Phoenix Writings (Feng Jian),
and the Dragon Writings (Long Jian),
talk [about] going to and fro from the Heavens

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