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DaoZang Volume 5,  089a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 089a1
[Page 89]

Shng Zhōu Yun Yo Xi Bin Zhng Yuān Fēng Dng Bā Mng Hng J Chng
Tiān Ch F

Rising upwards, it cycles round in a circle,
illuminating like the sun down on that which is below.
The Change (Bian) happening is important, Profound (Yuan) it is like.
the stirrings in a deep pool.
The Movements of the Eight Winds shake and stir it. Down in the Nether World there is a Vast Flood (Zhong), this is the [reaching of the] Zenith of the First Principle (Ji). All day long the Red Charm (Chi Fu)

Hu Lin Dān Guāng Fā Yān
[is aided] by the transforming and refining action
of Cinnabar's Bright Ray (Dan Guang) as it sends off its smoke.

Tiān Shng Tiān Xi Huī Lǎng Yōu Mng Zho Xng Xū Xing
Heaven has domination over the World that lies beneath it,
thereby causing all of it to be covered with brilliant light.
On the other hand, that dark hell that is the Nether World
imitates in its appearance the Shape of the Void (Xu Xiang).

D W Qong Hng Mng Mng Xǐng Huō Lu Shū Guāng Ti Zhēn Qǐ Yun

The size of which appears to be endless and inexhaustible.
It is like a great drizzling, misty chaotic sea,
the only break in it being the unfolding of the Bright Scenery (Guang). All of this is the Greatest Level of Realness (Tai Zhen)
[within] that which can be best explained as a Circular Motion (Yuan Yun)

D Z Rn Zhū Lng Fū Yǎn Hui Fēng Shng Piān B Jiǎn Jīn Zhāng Y L Yo
Biān Bǎo Ān Tiān D Yŏng Ji Min Fn Q M Lu Wn Fn

[operating] at the very limits of Nature.
A Vermilion Mausoleum lays there, all spread out.
Performing how to go to and fro on the Wind (br) always headed upwards,
is the Section (Pian) of Bluish-Green Characters (Bi Jian).
Written within the Golden Chapter (Jin Zhang) is the Jade Map (Yu Lu).
In the Green Jasper Compilation (Yao Bian) there is described
the Preservation of Peace and Safety (Bao An),
how is kept Heaven and Earth from perpetual Calamity
and suffering (Tian Di Yong Jie).
[Unlike] the continuous floss of Buddhistic Influences (Fan Qi),
overflowing with their collection of Ten Thousand Laws (Wan Fan),

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