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DaoZang Volume 5,  088b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 11 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 088b2

Sh Guǐ W Yo Jīng Ti Yīn Bĕi Dū n Ch Guǐ Yng B D Di Xǐ Fēi
Zhāng Zu

to test the [powers of] the Ghosts (Gui) regardless of the
level of Supernatural times and events,
because the Essence that is the Life-Force (Jing) has to
[be maintained] at the level of Greatest Yin (Tai Yin).
North of the Northern Capital (Bei Du) they go to check out and scrutinize
[the area for any of the] worthless, stealthy ghosts.
Seeking them out, these must not be allowed to idle about.
Just like a hair net, the seekers swiftly disappear and reappear,
hovering about where the Seals (Zhang) are produced. They then make their report,

Go Sān Gōng Zhng Do Li Xng Gōng Dng J Shū Mng
telling [all they have uncovered] to those at the Three Palaces (San Dong).
This way the Orthodox Doctrines (Zheng Dao) stay prevalent
and the result is a Calm and Stability (Gong) state in one's native town.
The Book Title (Shu Ming)

Zǐ Qīng Xun Yo D Ji Bǎo L Lng Kāng Hng Yn Zhōu Li Chn Jiē
concerns the Clear Purple (Zi Qing) that Profoundly Shines (Xuan Yao)
the greatest of Calamity and suffering.
the thing of most value in the Astronomical Calendar (Li) is the Dragon (Long).
Reposing in peace, [when it does stir] its movement is vast, and roaming about, it winds itself firmly around the Seed (Jie).

Zhōng Dŏu Zu Zhn Yn Zhun Yun Guān D Ku Y L Dng Jin Mng
W Tiān Zhēn Xun

In the Center is the Dipper, sitting in its Tranquil State (Zheng).
Revolving around it first (Yuan) is the God of War (Guan Di)
who is chief over the Jade Map (Yu Lu).
Penetratingly from [inside] the Cave are reflected back
the examinations made like a using Bronze Mirror (Jian),
to show the [things of] the Nether World (Ming). No matter what, the Celestially-Endowed Profoundness (Tian Zhen Xuan)

Yīn Yng Yī Q Jiāo Lu Kāi Lng Shng Hung Fēi Shēng Y Yīn Guǎng
B Sh Fāng Dān Hu Shēng Jing Ln Zhun

is where Yin and Yang and the Single Qi (Yi Qi)
intersect like the [lines] of a net.
But lifting out through it is the grand [task of one] rising up to the Emperor.
Flying to where is produced the Beautiful Tidings (Yu Yin),
in vast amounts to spread it out over
the 'Ten Directions' (Shi Fang- East South West North East-North East-South West-South West-North Upwards and Downwards)
And with the Red Cinnabar Flower rising and falling, revolving and turning

Gāng Fēng Miǎo Miǎo Y Q Ch Hn Xun Gōng
like a strong and indomitable wind [at times] trifling
and slight [like a] hundred million breaths,
the red (Chi) mixes with the Black (Xuan) at the palace.

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