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DaoZang Volume 5,  088b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 11 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 088b1

Ti Mng Z Ho H Y Zhū Tiān Q Gōng Shng Tiān D Rn Yn Sh Bĕi
Fēng Zhēn Wng

the Great (Tai ) one who looms over the obscurity of the Nether World (Ming). His assumed name is 'Illustrious Grand Go Player He Yi' (player of the
Chinese board game known as Wei Qi) of the Heavens.
All who are present have earned the merit to go up into Heaven.
Salvation (Du Ren) is granted in a solemn manner,
From the Northern District (Bei Feng) comes
the True Grand-Monarch (Zhen Wang)

Shu Mng Pŭ Sǎo B Xing Sān Yun Jing Zho D Xin Huī Zhāng
Fēi F

who orders all to obey the mission to sweep away all inauspiciousness
concerning the Three Origins (San Yuan- Heaven Origin, Earth Origin,
and Man Origin), and [one] is dropped back down along with
these imperial instructions from the highest authorities,
the extensive sheets to be spread out.
Hovering in the air holding the Charms (Fu)

Sh Y Qīng Dng Sh Fāng Dng Ji W Biān Fēng Huŏ Bā Chng Gǎn
they act for Beautiful-Jade Clarity (Yi Qing- the Highest
of the Thirty-Six Heavens). It is their job to clear away the immoral things from
all of the Ten Directions (Shi Fang- East South West North East-North East-South
West-South West-North Upwards and Downwards),
even to the ends of the boundaries regardless of their [supposed] margins.
Coming with Wind and fire, the Eight rush forward into the clash
to boldly make certain to

Yŏu Kng J Jiū Sng Fēng Gōng Yun Zhēn Zhēn Jin Tiān Yo Shī Xng
T L Xi Mi

carry out resistance, and gather together against [the forces of] hell
using the Imperial Palace's (Gong) fundamental truths.
Rising up with force and spirit, shaking a twin-edged sword
in the [broad] daylight to carry out punishment and torture,
to massacre demons and evil spirits

Shu Bŭ W Tng Qiān Qiān Zhǎn Gu Wn Mi Xng M W Qiān
receiving them under arrest so that without cease,
thousands and thousands are beheaded.
All are exterminated that had taken the shape
or entity of demon or monster.
not even a thousand

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