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DaoZang Volume 5,  088a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 11 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 088a1
[Page 88]

Zhǎn Je D Gēn Dun Bāo B Sǐ Mng Li Ti Xun Zhēn Wng Jiān Jŭ
W Jū

Severing completely the Earth-Root (Di Gen).
Breaking off the Placenta, and Stopping up Death (Bi Si),
are the names given in the ranking order in the
Supreme Mystery (Tai Xuan- the first of the DaoZang's 'Four Supplements').
The True Grand-Monarch (Zhen Wang) holds the office
that supervises and inspects in entirety.
Thus, there are placed no constraints on the Heavenly Gates (Tian Men).

Dōng Dŏu Zh Q Xī Dŏu Zho Xiān
[Accordingly,] in the East the Dipper holds and manages 'The Contract',
and in the West the Dipper summons the Fairies.

Bĕi Dŏu Zu Jiǎn Nn Dŏu Li Yn
In the North the Dipper assists in producing music, and reports
that are [about] to be written.
While in the South the Dipper arranges properly words
that are [about] to be spoken.

Zhōng Dŏu Zu Zhn Yn Zhun Yun Guān D Ku Y L Dng Jin Mng
W Tiān Zhēn Xun

In the Center of the Dipper, sitting at ease while it revolves,
there at the Fundamentals (Yuan), one of whom is the God of War (Guan Di),
The Chief of the Jade Chart (Yu Lu).
With it, the Cavity (Dong) shines outward like a mirror
into the gloomy Nether World (Ming),
even while being without one who is Celestially-Endowed (Tian Zhen),
the Dark Profunity (Xuan)

Gŭ Hu Xun Bō Hung Tiān M Wng Ān Zhn Su Ē Wŭ Tiān D M
Wn Shn Zhī

is blown as with a bellows to stir up and swell,
transforming Dark Profundity (Xuan) so that it flows wave-like (Bo).
The Yellow Heaven Demon King (Huang Tian Mo Wang) installs Peace
and suppresses Ghosts and their influences,
while also pandering to all the whims of the Five Heavens (Wu Tian).
the Great Demon (Da Mo) along with the
Ten Thousand Divine Spirits (Wan Shen) of

Yī Wŭ Dŏu Zhī F Xi Yun Hu Q Ti Ji Dān Shū
all of the Five Dippers (Wu Dou) are connecte to
the Charm (Fu) down below.
With it there comes Basic Activating Vital Energy (Yuan Hua Qi)
[to relieve] the utmost of calamity and suffering,
using the Vermilion Book (Dan Shu).

Qīng D Shī Lng Bi D Y Qiāo Ch D Zhng Xin Hēi D Jin L

The God of Spring (the Cerulean Emperor) imposes and executes orders and decrees.
The God of Autumn (the White Emperor) withstands beatings and extortion.
The God of Summer (the Red Emperor) is the first annually to uphold the true laws.
The God of Winter (the Black Emperor) is the one who founds and establishes [things].

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