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DaoZang Volume 5,  087b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 10 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 087b2

Zhōng Kōng Dng Z Rn Lng Zhāng Zhū Tiān Yǐn Yn
The Center is Hollow like a Cave.
It is Nature-At-Ease with the
Marvellous-Power Rules-Seal of heavenly rhyme.

Tiān Zhōng Zhī Yīn Tiān Zhōng Zhī Zūn
Heaven's Center is that which provides Sound and Tone (News and Tidings).
Heaven's Center is that which gives Honor and Veneration.

Tiān Zhōng Zhī Shn Tiān Zhōng D M Tiān Zhōng Zhī Lng Jiŭ Q Sh Ŏu
H H Z Chng

Heaven's Center is the place of gods (Shen).
Heaven's Center is the home of Da Mo (the 'Great Demon').
Heaven's Center is where is found 'Ling' ('Marvellous Power').
There are the Nine Extrordinary Things (Jiu Qi),
and their Ten Spouses (Shi Ou) whose unions results in

Ch F Dān Guāng Bin Hu Shng Qīng W Ling Zhī o Shēn
The 'Red Charm' [drawn amulet], and the 'Cinnabar's Bright Ray' [map],
both concern Change and Transformation.
Coming from the 'Highest Clarity' Tradition (of Daoism),
they are not only Boundless and Immeasurable,
but also profoundly hard to understand and deeply intense.

B Kĕ Xing Fū Lu Shn Zhēn Pŭ D Tiān Rn Jīn R Xīn Qng Shu

So it is imperative that the details that are left behind
be sufficient so that a god can truly [be accessed to bring about]
the relief of souls out of Purgatory.
This is so that Man [and his surroundings] will enjoy good luck,
and through hard effort, receive over time

D Hu Kāi Shēng Kǎn Bin Yōu Guān D Hu Shn Lng Qǐng Mi

the Great Transformation (Da Hua) that lifts out Life is affected by the Transformation (Bian) that is hidden away behind the Barriers (Guan).
Having a general meeting with the Divine Power (Shen Ling)
one is to request extinguishment of the 'Three Evils' (San E).

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