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DaoZang Volume 5,  084a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 7 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 084a1
[Page 84]

Xio Zhāng
cheerfully displayed.

Xun Fn Hng L Mng Mng Li Fēng Jiāo Hun Kōng Xing Go Chng Y Wn Zho Qǐ
Profound (Xuan) is the Law (Fa) that floods the Calendar of the Stars (Li).
In the obscurity of the Six Winds (Liu Feng) there is a meeting place,
intersecting in the Shining Empty Sky (Huan Kong).
In the Images (Xiang) is explained the Accomplishment of one's
full growth into a Handsome Person (Yu).
The writing at its start begins to exmplain

Tiān Do Li Xng Sh Wi Yun Zo Cāng Hn Fēi Yān Ti Xiāo Y Dān Xun L Jǐng Xiān
Heaven and its Way (Tian Dao).
The prevalent [thought] is that this is correct because its primary construction
is indicated by its Dark Green Flames (Cang Hun), and swiftly rising smoke.
It piles up in the greatest of clouds, fully fragrant
Single, Dark and Abtruse, This exists in the Scene of the Fairies (Jing Xian).

Mng Mng Zhng Hu Hung J Tuī Qiān Qong Lu Qiān Rn Zh
This illustrates the Vast and Positive Transformation (Mang Mang Zheng Hua).
The Emperor of the First Principle (Huang Ji) shifts the Precious Net (Qiong Luo).
Amongst the ruin and decay is [something that] measures Eight [Chinese] Feet (Ren),

Mio Lng Yun Sān Zhōu Jiŭ F Bāo Lu Min Y Tiān Qn Pǐn
wonderful and subtle.
It is the Marvellous Power That Energizes Beings (Ling).
Circles of Three Circuits (San Zhou), in each of the
Nine Periods of the Nine days (Jiu) restore,
wrapped up in the Winding Net (Luo Mian), continuous it is,
made out of a Hundred Million Heavens (Yi Tian).
The Crowd with their grade

Guī Zhēn Y Yun Zhng Xng Yu Fn Gu D Shēng Guān Zhōng Yŏu Ch Mng Jio
have to Die (Gui Zhen) at the Beautiful Jade Wall (Yu Yuan)
so that they may positively walk about, rambling there
[far beyond] the Buddhist's [idea of] immoderate Production of Life (Sheng).
[clearing] the Barrier (Guan),
[one] at the Center deals with the Red Brilliance (Chi Ming),
afterwards Teaching the Instructions (Jiao)

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