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DaoZang Volume 5,  082b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 5 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 082b2

Ji Zhī R
sections of it (are used)

R Sng Yŏng Sh Jīng Ch F Zhōu Jin Dān Guāng Li Xng Bā H Tǐ
in the daily recitation of the scriptures such as the Red Charm (Chi Fu).
The cycles are noted during the setting up of the Cinnabar's
Bright Ray (Dan Guang) regarding the Eight Harmonies (Ba He)
upon [the state] of the body.

Li Sī Mng Zhēn D Wi Jiŭ Gōng Zhēn Rn Bĕn Mng Zhī
The number Six (Liu) is [of special note to ] the God of the Kitchen
and the Director God of Fate (Si Ming).
Clearly [the results of it] is [noticed] in the the Nineth Palace
of the Perfected One, where Natal Destiny (Ben Ming- which denotes Time
and its governing deities) is kept track of.

R Sng Yŏng Sh Jīng Ch F Zho Shn Dān Guāng Rǎo Shēn Guǐ Shn Dng Zhng Wn Q Zhǎng Cn B Jīng
In the daily recitation of these scriptures,
the Red Charm (Chi Fu) is used to summon the gods.
Cinnabar's Bright Ray (Dan Guang) is called upon to encircles the body.
The gods (Gui Shen) clarify the True and Positive (Zheng) so that the Ten Thousand Influences (Wan Qi) can increase and strengthen, enabling one to not have to pass through

Kŭ Nǎo Shēn Yŏu Guāng Mng Sān Ji Sh Wi Wŭ D
trouble or distress.
The body then exists in this Pure Bright Light (Guang Ming)
[allowing one to pass beyond] the Three Borders (San Jie- the Past,
Present, and Future Existences).
The Imperial Bodyguard (Shi Wei) of the Five Emperors of Old (Wu Di)

Sī Yng Wn Shn Cho
is the department that then takes charge of things,
allowing one to meet face-to-face with the Ten Thousand
Divine Spirits (Wan Shen).
In the morning, inside the Imperial Court (Chao) one takes part in

Lǐ Mng Shū Shng Tiān Gōng Mǎn D Ju Fēi Shēng Shng Qīng
the ceremony in which names are entered into the Book
of Heavenly Merit (Shu Shang Tian Gong),
whereafter one, filled with virtue and kindness,
is allowed ro engage in flight,
soaring up to the Highest Clarity (Shang Qing).

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