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DaoZang Volume 5,  081b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 4 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 081b2

Zhū Gōng G
the Cinnabar Palace (Zhu Gong) with its Standards (Ge)

Jiē Jiŭ Nin Shu Hu Gng Shēng D Wi Gu Rn r Ho Xe Zh Jīng Gōng Mǎn D Ju Jiē
every nine years to receive Transformation and Regeneration.
The results are highly dear to the man who studious to the extreme until [mastery]
of the Scriptures is [fully] achieved, the result is to be
filled with virtue and kindness and move towards the same
accomplishment that all can

D Shn Xiān Fēi Shēng Jīn Qu Yu Yn Y Jīng Yĕ
use to gain the status of achievement in Celestial-Being Fairyhood.
Then one can ascend to Heaven, and at the Golden Palace
ramble about, taking entertainment at the banquets given in the Jade Capital as well.

Tŭ Xe Zhī Sh Xiū Sng Sh Jīng Shn Q Ch F Do Rng Dān Guāng Jiē J Shu D Fēi Shēng
Back on the Earth, the level of study should be [equivilent] to that of
the Bachelor Level, Nonofficial Grade (Shi). Compiling the writings to be able to recite these Scriptures
and thus receive a Divine Contract (Shen Qi) that uses the Red Charm (Chi Fu), its doctrine in harmony
[and therefore can be blended] with that of the Cinnabar's Bright Ray.
There, each and every one is inspired to endure the time
[needed in training] so that they have the ability to ascend
to Heaven (Fei Sheng) and there visit the

Nn Gōng Sh Rn Shu Sng Z Yn Shu Zhǎng Nin
Southern Palace (Nan Gong).
The [result of this is that] the common people receive
the Chanting of it, and thereby is protracted one's age,
and given increase of one's years.

Dān Ch Zhī Hu Zh Z Shī Fŭ G Gāng Q Zhēn Hu Jiē D Zu Shī Jiĕ Zhī
The formula is the prepared medicine, the redness of which is used
to [create] the Magnificent Flower (Hua) that one concentrates
the mind on as it gives its Beneficence and Sheen (Ze) to a corpse
that has already gone rotten.
The structure of the skeleton is likewise one again made Strong.
The Qi is truly taken back so all that once was can be regained.
To cause the corpse to rise once more is the objective
that needs to be understood here about

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