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DaoZang Volume 5,  081a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 4 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 081a1
[Page 81]

Sng Zhī Sh Gu Zhū Tiān Yo Chng Wn D Sh Lǐ H Hǎi Jng M Shān
Yu Zng Yn Jing Yān B Y Xiāo Guāng Xun Xun Xīn F Ni Chōng
Dān Bǎo Wi Yīng Qn M Sh Xng Guǐ

To chant the Ten Deviations to the heavens distant and remote,
singing and calling out to the ten thousand Supreme Beings
through established ceremony.
Concerning the Rivers and Seas (He Hai)
On Jing Mo Mountain ('Calm-Silent' Mountain (one of the Five Sacred Peaks)),
where were stored up the (sacred works), hidden in the clouds
was also the deep-red smoke (Jiang Yan) that spread
leasurely among the clouds of heaven.
Here bright rays of light did spin and whirl, Dark and Abtruse (Xuan) are the Feelings of the Mind (Xin), and within, the Charm (Fu) internally is sufficient.
Along with the Red Preciousness (Dan Bao) on the outside,
there is a right and proper response that can be given to
the crowds of demons and monsters (Qun Mo).
Bind up the entities of the ghosts

Jīng Mi Shuǎng Hu Shī Qǐ Sǐ Bi G Chng Rn Zh Xe Zhī
so that their life-force is extinguished just as if it were a light.
Using a straightforward [procedure], reversing the [state of the corpse so it will]
rise up from the dead and the dry skeleton turn into a grown person.
Doing this means demands an extremely [high level study and knowledge]

Sh Sng Zhī Sh Gu Z Wŭ D Sh Wi Sān Ji Jī Shŏu Zǐ Huī
as a scholar trained in the field of chanting the Ten Deviations (Shi Guo).
Therefore it is the standard rule [when addressing]
the Five Emperors of Old (Wu Di), and the Imperial Bodyguard [of the]
the 'Three Borders' (San Jie- Past, Present, and Future Existences)
is to first kowtow to the Purple Brilliance (Zi Hui)

Xi Yng Shn Jīng Zh Yng Mio Kāi Yun Zo Shn Bŏ Q Mn
of the distant light of the sun, reflecting as it does,
the Divine Brilliance glittering like a crystal
and fix one's mind so that it may be filled with the
clever and subtleness it has as it opens out.
Training the Divine Mind (Shen) [begins] as if one were at the pool
that stands before the Gate (Men).

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