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DaoZang Volume 5,  080b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 3 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 080b2

Ni Mng Yǐn Yn Zhī
The Inside Names (Nei Ming) are give in Rhymn (Yin Yun) are used to

Yīn Y Sh Zhēn Wng Ni Hu Bǎi Lng Zhī Yǐn Mng Yĕ
[coincide] with the Sounds of the Tidings (Yin).
So it is correct that these are the True Grand-Monarch's
Inner Taboo Names (Nei Hui). The Hundred Ling (Bai Ling- the motivating energy of a being) are thus concealed by their Secret Names (Yin Ming) also.

Kāi Sh D Fǎ Zo L Tiān D Ni Shēng Rn W Wi Chng Hn Dn
Opening with a proclamation of the Fundamental Law (Da Fa)
instantaneously establishes Heaven and Earth.
Inside, [dwells] a strange personage,
while outside there exists [the primal state of] Chaos (Hun Dun).

Ch F Yīng H Dān Guāng Chn Min Yun Q Pēng Jiān Zhēn Huŏ
Hu Lin Yǐ

[To help deal with these things there is also] the Red Charm (Chi Fu).
Also giving a suitable response [to these problems]
is the Cinnabar's Bright Ray (Dan Guang).
It is like untangling a continuous skein of Silk Floss (Mian),
this Endowed-at-Birth Original Qi (Yuan Qi- Prenatal Qi).
Just like when Peng (broiling something in hot oil and then stirring in sauce)
or Jian (simmering a thing in water),
the True Fire (Zhen Huo) is necessary to bring about
Transformation and Refinement (Hua Lian).
Following the proper Words of Direction (Yi)

Chng Sān Ji Jing L Wn Tiān Ĕr Nng Tǐ Zhī Z Rn D Do Fēi Sh Zhī
will give the proper results.
The Three Borders (San Jie- the Past, Present, and Future Existences)
were carefully crafted immediately after the establishment
of the Entire World (Wan Tian).
[Only when] obeying the capabilities of the body that is given by
when one Follows What Comes Naturally (Zi Ran),
gaining the results means that one must follow the Path That Is The Way (Day).
Wrong are the days of the generations of this world.

Chng C Shng Shng Yǐ Chng Zhēn Rn Tōng Xun Jiū Wēi Nng X
Q Zhāng

It is a principle that the Diction and Phraseology (Ci) used by
the Superior Sages (Shang Sheng), these established facts,
can already result in one turning into a Perfected One (Zhen Ren).
Understanding how to open up the Profound (Xuan) to actually
examine into its most Minute and Abtuse (Wei) energies
can be fully learned in the [following] Section (Zhang).

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