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DaoZang Volume 5,  076a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 2 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 079b2

R Hn Dn Chū Zo Zhōng Shǐ Jiŭ Ji Ru Fēi Ch Mng B Nng
Kāi T

just like when Hun Dun ('Chaos') in the Beginning was used
to build and create [everything from].
But upon his death, everything was 'finished' and this was
the start of the Nine Calamities (Jiu Ji).
If it were not for Red Brilliance (Chi Ming) there could never
opened out the Picture Plan (Tu).

Yī Shēn Shǐ Shēng Mo Fǎ Zhī Ji
All of the body of a person, at the beginning of life,
there is produced the hair, limbs, joints, and

Jiŭ Qio Suī J Ru Fēi Shn Guāng Wi Jin
Nine Orifices (the Eyes, Nares, Ears, Mouth, Urethra (or Vagina), and Anus).
These are furnished by the Divine Ray (Sheng Guang) from Outside (Wai).
There ia also the view that

Xīn Guāng Ni Tōng Yī Qiē Shng Xin B Nng Chng Ju Sh G Wŏ Dĕng
Xin W Yun

From one's Core (Xin) there is a a Bright Light that Internally (Nei)
connects to the whole.
All of the Sages and Worthies (Yi Qie) [say that] such [methods of]
Accomplishment (Cheng Jiu) are [both] correct.
Therefore, for ourselves we need to come to a realization
about the components of the Primal

Shǐ Suŏ Shuō D Fǎ Y Yn Shn Bin Kāi Dǎo Tiān Rn Li Zhĕ Yŏu R
Beginning (Yuan Shi). Therefore this theory is explained to be a Fundamental Law (Da Fa)
that serves as the carrier of Divine-Supernatural Metamorphosis (Shen Bian),
that is to Enlighten (Kai Dao) regarding Nature and Man that invites
a person to possess it.
For example,

X Yŭ M W W Yāng Zhī Zhng Zh Guŏ Yī Bn Tŭ
just as a drizzling fine rain that isso dense that it appears to be a fog,
but unhaltered by it, many still go back and forth,
pressing themselves in an urgent manner about the country
so that half of the land and its native peoples [explaining that]

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