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DaoZang Volume 5,  078a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 1 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 078a1
[Page 78]

Fēi Xiāo Bǎo F Dān Xi Guāng Sn Zho Yng Bā Mn Yī Guŏ D Tŭ Shān
Chuān Ln M

Yet, hovering in the cloudy heavens is the Precious Charm of Cinnabar-Red (Bao Fu Dan) with the red-tinted Golden Sunlight (Xia Guang) scattering out from it,
it shines on everything, reflecting back as does a mirror.
[This blankets] the Eight Gates (Ba Men) of the rhe entire country and all of its land.
Likewise, the same happens with the mountains and rivers and forests.

Miǎn Png Yī Dĕng W F Gāo Xi Tŭ Jiē Zu Wn Y Y Huī Yng Ch
W Yŏu Y S Zhng Zhēn Hun Sh

[Mentally] reflecting back on remote times,
all things were equal and first-rate.
Nothing went either up or down, nothing was either
relatively superior or inferior.
The Earth and all its people, each and everyone have to suffer
through their own misdeeds.
Like the veins in a beautiful jade appear [at first] uncertain, the lustrious transparency penetrates through it. Likewise, not to differ in color [or description]
are the many clearly hemmed in around to attend upon

Yun Shǐ Tiān Zūn Tng Ji Kōng F Jiŭ Lng Yng Su Shn Jīn Wn Bin
Fǎ L Zhī

the Primal Heaven Venerable-Worthy (Yuan Shi Tian Zun).
But he stops his carriage in the empty sky, floating there with
the Nine Dragons (Jiu Long).
Sunny (Yang) like a beacon fire [in the sky] shines
the Divine Gold (Shen Jin). Ten Thousand Changes (Wan Bian) follow after the coach

Shng Shuō Jīng Yī Bin Zhū Tiān D Shng Tng Sh Chēng Shn Sh Sh
as it goes upwards.
To state the Doctrine of the First Universality, the Heavens, and the Great Sage
at the same time is to praise and admire these days.

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