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DaoZang Volume 5,  077b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 1 Scroll 25
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 077b2

Sān Q Tiān Jūn Dān Guāng
Only then it is suitable, [having these technical attainments,] to take a visit to the
Constellation-Seat of the Celestially-Endowed Diety.
Using the Red Energy (Chi Ling) of the Father-in-Law's Three Breaths (San Qi),
and Heaven's Supreme Ruler (Tian Jun) and the Cinnabar's Bright Ray (Dan Guang).

Jiŭ Xiān Shng Shng Gāo Zūn Mio Xng Zhēn Rn W Yāng Shŭ
Zhng Chng Kōng r

The Nine Fairies (Jiu Xian) and the Superior-Sage Great-Venerable
Wonderous-Conduct [Senior-Level] Perfected One Unhaltered.
Numerous crowds, riding in a chariot coming about in the empty heavens,
upon arrival these appear out of

Y Wĕi Fēi Ln Yŭ Bǎo Jiāo Yn Ti Xiāo
the [latitudes of a] beautiful Jade Web (Yu Wei).
Flying on turning wheels, feathered luxuriantly, they soon associate within
the protective shade provided by their Ancestors,
amongst the great clouds of Heaven.

Tng Jīng Bā S Li Guāng Xun J Zhū
Ascending through the brilliant crystal-like glitter
of the Eight Pure White circulating lights.
Looking like an Armillary Sphere (Xuan),
having at its zenith a Pearl.

Chn Hun H Yun Gāng Wŭ R Wŭ Y Sān Qīng S Jng W Ling Zhū
Tiān Shng J D Lu Xi Tōng Hung Qu

Revolving and shining, illustrious and grand,
it shows the First and Main Principle (Yuan Gang).
For five days and five nights the Three Pure Dieties (San Qing)
[assemble within] the Four Boundaries of the [otherwise]
Boundless and Immeasurable (Wu Liang) Heavens (Zhu Tian), [at the apex]
where is the Superior-Ascending First Principle (Shang Ji),
the Highest of the Thirty-Six Heavens (Da Luo).
From there they next go down to connect with the Yellow Palace (Huang Que).

G Xin Ch Hn Kāi Ji
Each part of it is covered with glittering gems
that represent those who are loyal and sincere.
To be confused by these or think about plundering them
will only bring about calamity and suffering.

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