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DaoZang Volume 5,  076a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 19 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 076a1
[Page 76]

Xiāo Ti Tiān Shū Y Hng Zhī
On the Desolate Platform (Xiao Tai), the Polar Star (Tian Shu)
is a Jade [weight] on a graduated steelyard arm used

Shng Shn Bin Q Hu Yǐ Zhng Wn Tiān
above to weigh out the Divine-Metamorphosis Transformation Action of the Qi.
This is done during the First Month of the Lunar Year
everywhere in the entire world.

W J Sh Ji Sān Yun Zhēn Hung M B Yu Q Do Zhī r Lin Zhī
There is the Unbounded Pre-State of All Things
Without End (Wu Ji) that take effect in this World (Shi Jie),
The Three Origins (San Yuan- Heaven Origin, Earth Origin, and Man Origin)
are also a real fact, as is also the Emperor (Zhen).
There is no one who does not follow their own Path (Dao),
and must not also have the knowledge (Zhi)
that is needed for Refinement (Lian).

Shn Q Yŏng Li D Ji Chng Hui Xiǎo Ji Shēng Sǐ Jiē Wi Zhī Jiĕ
Yn o Sh

The Qi Spirit (of the Mind and Heart) is ever-flowing and never goes away.
Major Calamities happen. It is also a dirty trick when a minor calamity
plunders the Living and the Dead (Sheng Si) Whenever these events happened,
everything was considered to be connected,
and people's faces showed their distain

Zhī Yĕ Z Jiē Guǎng Zhǎng Yī Zhng Tiān Zhēn Hung Rn X Shū Q
about it all.
The collection of Written Characters (Zi) together made up a vast amount,
that nonetheless continued its expansion until it exceeded one zhang [ten chinese feet].
But during the reign of a Celestially-Emperor (Tian Zhen Huang)
there was a man who was engaged to write a book
detailing all of this.

Wn Yǐ Wi Zhng Yīn Yŏu Zhī Q Yīn Nng Zhāi r Sng Zhī Zhĕ Shn Fŭ
Reading these characters, [a person who was literate]
could deal with such words of direction due to their
standard pronunciations (Zheng Yin). Now there existed the understanding of this knowledge.
A person, due to their [exposure to such] good News (Yin)
gained the ability to be capable of Fasting and being able to chant
[so that this reached] to the gods in their Official Residences (Fu).

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