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DaoZang Volume 5,  073b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 16 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 073b2

Nng Bin Hu Y W Fēi Shn Q Z Bin Hu
the ability to carry out Transformation (Bian Hua)
of Matter or People Outside of Oneself is simply wrong.(Wu)
It is the Divine Qi (Shen Qi) only that is responsible for
Self-Transformation (Zi Bian Hua).

Yĕ Shn Gāng D B Kĕ Bin Hu Bin r Hu Zhī Shn Q Shǐ Zhī
The Divine Spirit is strongly fortified, which is totally necessary
for the Transformation (Bian Hua) [to take place properly].
Such Change (Bian) also involves the Conversion (Hua)
of the Spirit Qi (Shen Qi), which brings its use on.

Fēi Bin Hu Shn Q Yĕ Shn Q B H Z B Nng Bin Hu
It is incorrect that Change (Bian Huan) affects
the Qi Spirit (Shen Qi- of the Mind and Heart).
the Qi Spirit (Shen Qi- of the Mind and Heart),
when it is a state of Disharmony (Bu He), the general rule is
that it cannot be made to Transform (Bian Hua).

Yŭ W Wi Zāi G Yu Tiān D Yn Zhōng Xīng S Cu D R Yu
Shī Mng

The same as with matter, and therefore likewise the people of the world.
All of it is said be responsible for Calamity and Personal Misfortune (Zai). Therefore they say it is all due to the result of Heaven and Earth (Tian Di).
That it is simply the result of Fortune whereby death
is the inevitable end result. Also they say that because the Constellations are interlocked
and alternate in their degrees.
The Sun and the moon deviate from their norm,
and become bright and visible.

S Sh Shī D Yīn Yng B Tio Shuǐ Hn Bīng Zāi Y D Li Xng
Zho Mn

The Four Seasons fail to achieve their [normal] limits and time.
Yin and Yang does not shift or mix its boundaries.
Rivers and lakes dry up [and everywhere is in] drought.
There are soldiers fighting and personal misfortune
along with epidemic disease and pestilence of a poisonous nature.
At that time the mass of the people

Sǐ Shāng Shī Yŏu Mng Gu Jiē Dāng Xiū Zhāi Xng Xiāng Sng Jīng Fū
Zhāi Ji Sng Jīng Gōng D

have become casualties from it all.
But the [true] Master is friendly with them and their lot in life,
and it is an error to desist when it is suitable
to study, fasting from meat, and having retired into a room
to burn incense and chant the liturgies.

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