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DaoZang Volume 5,  073a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 16 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 073a2

D Fŏu Zhōng
Movement and degree (like fortune and luck) likewise have no finish or finality.

R Yu Wŭ Xīng Kuī Yng Zh Zh Shng Shn Rn Xiū Fŏu M Xe Zhī
The Sun and Moon, and the Five Planets (Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Mars,
and Saturn) all wane and wax, and so are deficient and then in surplus.
The Sages and Emperor-Gods Rest in [the state of] Good Fortune (Xiu),
and censure Superficial and Insufficient Learning (Mo Xue).

Fū J Shāng Fn Yŏu Cǐ Zāi Tng Q Jiē Dāng Q Xīn Xiū Zhāi Li Sh
A Man has to deal with illness and Injury [much in the same way that]
the ordinary Mortal World has to deal with calamity and misfortune.
Similar to how [the different] Qi
all become [when it is suitable] of one accord.
One needs to Study, fasting from meat,
while having retired into a room for the six fixed days.

Xng Xiāng Sh Bin Zhun Jīng F D L Jing Xiāo Zhū B Xing
W Ling Zhī Wn Pŭ D W Qong

All the while burning incense and chanting the Tenth Universality.
Passing along this scripture brings happiness, good fortune, and kindness.
It will Immediately vanquish and eliminate all portents of evil omen,
being boundless and immeasurable, [the use of] this written work will
Relieve Souls out of Purgator.
[It is truly] Endless and Inexhaustible (Pu Dong Wu Qiong).

Do Yn Fū M Xe Do Qiǎn Hu Xiān Pǐn M Chōng Yn Yīng Mi
D Shēn

Daoist Doctrine states that common man, having superficial learning of the Way,
[even with a recent or rudimentary achievement as] a person
of Fairy Class level, the last stage is satisfy the carrying out
the suitable extinguishment of the limits of one body and life.

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