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DaoZang Volume 5,  073a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 16 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 073a1
[Page 73]

Fēi Sh Shng Chng C Yn W Yn L Qū W Hu Wǎn G Wi Xun
o Nn

It is bad that in our Modern World (Shi Shang) that frequently
there is used a type of classical phraseology (Ci) to speak
without using the Rhyming Charm (Yun) of Beautiful Singing-Verse (Li Qu).
[Speaking so is] not only showy and elaborate, it is also winding and tortuous.
Therefore, one needs to call this abtuse and difficult.

Kĕ Xn Xing Shng Tiān Suŏ Bǎo B Y Shn Xiāo Y Qīng Wng Fŭ
Dōng Zng Jīng Sh

yet it is possible that, though things are unexpectedly detailed,
to suddenly know things clearly.
It is possible that while seeking out
to suddenly make out the minutest of details.
Up in Sky is Heaven and its God (Shang Tian),
the place where there is a Precious Divine Secret (Dao Bi)
held by the gods.
From those clouds there comes 'Beautiful-Jade Clarity' (the highest
of the thirty-six heavens of Daoism)
from which comes the official government grand office [and site of]
the Eastern Depository of the Canon and its scripture room.

Yīng Rn Chn D Fǎ Dāng Chun Ru Yŏu Zh Rn Zī Jīn Bǎo
In response to this it right and proper that during
the hours of the Fifth Earthly Branch (7-9am),
it is a Fundamental Rule (Da Fa) that this is the suitable time
to transmit the biographical commentary concerning how
a Perfect Man (Zhi Ren give offerings of gold coins.

Zh Xīn Yī Ju G Go Mĕng Y Fŭ Rn Hu r F Yān
And with natural qualities of character and a plain heart
one should listen to the Old Standards (Jiu Ge) that tell of
an alliance of sworn brothers (Meng),
residing in a beautiful Official Residence.
Then afterwards how can one have this likewise, handed over to themselves?

Do Yn Fū Shn Yŏu B Bin Q Yŏu B Hu Z Wi Tiān D Yn
Daoist Doctrine states that a Man's Spirit (Shen)
exists and is Unchangeable (Bu Bian).
Qi likewise exists and cannot be Transformed (Bu Hua).
However, the rules to follow are those of Heaven and Earth (Tian Di)

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