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DaoZang Volume 5,  072b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 15 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 072b2

Sh Wi Sng Yng B Chū D H
and Imperial Bodyguards (Shi Wei),
to present [guests] to go to their meeting by drawing them up
through the Earth Door (Di Hu- also a name for The Nose),

Wŭ Kŭ Bā Nn Qī Zŭ Shēng Qiān Yŏng L D Guān Hn D Zhū Lng
so that the Five Hardships (Wu Ku) and the Eight Difficulties (Ba Nan)
[do not affect this.]
[It is a fact that] the Seven founding Ancestors (Qi Zu)
were promoted (Sheng Qian) forever.
Leaving away from the Earth to bureaucratically manage
the Superior Vital Spirits (Hun), spending their time
at the Vermilion Mausoleum.

Shu Lin Gng Shēng Sh Wi W Ling Pŭ D W Qong Yŏu B Shng
Tiān Wn Zhū Tiān Gng Suŏ Su Xi Mn Du D Y Hu J Qī Zŭ Wēng

To recieve and endure Refinement (Shou Lian) and its Regeneration,
it is correct to say that this really means that the Boundless and Immeasurable
Relief of Souls Out of Purgatory is endless and inexhaustible.
Its existence is a divine secret of Heaven (Shang Tian),
and its writing is in the refined script of the Heavens (Zhu Tian).
All other places share the Evil Spirits (Sui), who are released in a rude manner.
To not sink into hell or [simply] bring disaster upon oneself,
one has to reach up [for the help] of the Seven Founding Ancestors (Qi Zu)
and the Old Man.

Do Yn Cǐ r Zhāng Bng Sh Zhū Tiān Shng D J Zh Lng Zhēn Wng
Yǐn B

Daoist doctrine states that the two different sections
are [actually] united together.
It is correct that the Heaven (Zhu Tian) with it [highest] God [Shang Ti]
approaches up to the Marvellous Power (Ling) of the True Grand-Monarch
who keeps it Secret and Hidden (Yi Bi).

Zhī Yīn Shn Bin Q Hu Yǎo Rn Nn Mng Jiē Sh D Fn Zhī Yn
The Tidings are that the 'Divine-Metamorphosis Transformation Action
of the Qi' (Shen Bian Qi Hua) is kept out of sight.
This is truly a diffult thing to discribe,
and each and every one of the things said about it is correct.
The Great Brahmin, the Wind Sighing in the Trees (Da Fan)
is sometimes what it is said to be.

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