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DaoZang Volume 5,  072b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 15 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 072b1

B Zhī Do Yŏu Fāng
Having no idea of what is the proper method or the right way.

Gē Cǐ Ti Shng Piān
Sing this Great High Section (Tai Shang Pian).

Xiāo Rn Lǐ Zhēn Wng
It is like the rapid flight of birds,
truly a gift of the True Grand-Monarch (Zhen Wang).

Cǐ Sān Ji Zhī Shng Fēi Kōng Zhī Zhōng Zhēn Wng Gē Yīn Shēn Dng

The Three Borders (Past, Present, and Future Existences)
are to left behind so as to be able to rise up,
flying through the Empty Space (Kong) to the Center
wherein is the True Grand-Monarch (Zhen Wang).
Many are singing the Tidings (Yin), one calls to show one's respect,
[quoting from] the Cavity's Chapter (Dong Zhang).

Sng Zhī Bǎi Bin Mng D Nn Gōng Sng Zhī Qiān Bin Zhēn Wng Bǎo
Yng Wn Bin Do

In chanting the Hundred Pervasions (Bai Bian), there is given the name
describing [the direction of the] Southern Palace (Nan Gong).
When chanting the Thousand Pervasions (Qian Bian),
the True Grand-Monarch (Zhen Wang) is guarranteed to come forward,
and welcome one to the Path of the Ten Thousand Pervasions
(Wan Bian Dao- that is to say: Absolutely Everywhere Way)

Bi Fēi Shēng Ti Kōng Gu D Sān Ji Wi Dēng Xiān Gōng Yŏu Wn
To prepare [one] to fly up into the Great Void (Tai Kong),
One needs to go beyond the Three Borders (Past, Present, and Future Existences).
Going until the location of the Throne (Wei) is reached.
Registering there with the Fairy in Charge of Official Business (Xian Gong), and becoming a [temporary] Guest on High (Deng Xian- To die), one is to listen to the News (Wen),

Lng Yīn Zhēn Wng Jng Xng Ch Zh D Q
concerning the Marvellous Power (Ling) contained in the Tidings (Yin).
The True Grand-Monarch (Zhen Wang), appears bodily to deliver
the Imperial Order containing the formulae
to be followed by the Earth God [and his assistents] (Di Qi).

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