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DaoZang Volume 5,  071a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 071a1
[Page 71]

D Shu Shēng Shng Wn Zhū Tiān Zhū Tiān Zhī Shng G Yŏu Shēng Mn Zhōng Yŏu
receive and endure Life (Sheng).
Above are the Superior Tidings Shang Wen) of the Heavens (Zhu Tian).
That which is of the Heavens comes from up above.
Each also deals with the Gate of Life (Sheng Men- the Belly).
The Center deals with

Kōng Dng Yo Gē Zhī Zhāng Zhēn Wng Lng Piān C Shēn Gāo Zhēn
the Hollow Cave (Kong Dong).
The Rhyming Ditties (Yao Ge) found in the [following] Chapter (Zhang)
concern the True Grand-Monarch's Marvellous Power (Zhen Wang Ling).
Each article (Pian) is written in the Diction and Phraseology (Ci)
used for respectful consultation and are [indeed],
of the Highest-Truth (Gao Zhen).

D Yī
Number One.

Do Xun Shn Bin Fēi Kōng Zhī Yīn
The Way's (Dao) Profound Divine-Supernatural Metamorphosis (Xuan Shen Bian)
Flying to the Empty Space Tidings.

W Xng W Mng
Supernatural and Invisible (Wu Xing), these are at the same time,
[naturally] Nameless and Indefinable (Wu Ming).

D L Ti Kōng
Standing alone and independent; the Great Void.

H Hn Wn Shn
Harmonious and all mixed together
[are the] myriad gods and divine spirits.

Bin Hu M Qong
[There is] Change and Transmutation
without limit or end.

Wn W Xin Li
All of the Things of the Universe (Wan Wu) are entirely non-independent.

Shn Yn Yun Tōng
The Divine Motion (Shen Yun) is circular and Leads to Understanding (Tong).

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