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DaoZang Volume 5,  070b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 070b2

Mng Shēng Gēn Shng Yu Shng Qīng Chū R Hu Fng Bā Jǐng Zhī Ni
X Wēi Zhī

of Fate (Ming).
Using this as a Root (Sheng Gen), and rising above to ramble about
is [a feature of the] 'Highest Clarity' (Shang Qing) tradition.
of coming in and going out from the Flower House (the Hua Fang Constellation)
The 'Eight Auspicious Prospects' (Ba Jing)
are an internally subtle [property] of

Zhōng Xi Zhn Rn Shēn N Wn Jing Gōng Zhōng Lǐ Wŭ Q Hn H
the Center.
Down below happens the birth of the Perfected One (Zhen Ren).
Also in the body is the 'Mud Ball' (Ni Wan- the Brain).
[Further down] is the 'Crimson Palace' (Jiang Gong),
the middle residence within the Dan Tian.
In this center is where is paid attention to the management
of the Five Qi as they mix and mingle

Bǎi Shn Sh Zhun Hu Lng Wn Q Q Xiān Xiān Do Gu Shēng W Ling
D Rn Shng Kāi

with the Hundred Gods (Bai Shen).
In ten cycles of returning and going back,
the Marvellous Power (Ling)
[can be generated through] using the thing known
as the Ten Thousand Breaths (Wan Qi).
Doing so brings one on a level with the Immortal Fairies (Xian),
and is highly valued for its ability to
produce Boundless Salvation (Wu Liang Du Ren).
It is also superior in opening

Bā Mn Fēi Hu Shn Q Wǎng Li W Qong Zhun Cǐ Fǎ Ln Zi F Jn
Ji S Mng Yīn

the Eight Gates (Ba Men).
Flying through these, there comes swift transformation.
Thus the Qi Spirit of the Mind and Heart (Shen Qi)
comes and goes, its intercourse is endless and inexhaustible.
These turns and their changes is what is known by
the Buddhists as the Wheel of Dharmic Law (Ba Lun).
Consisting of Suffering and Happiness (Zui Fu)
it is forbidden for Buddhist monks and nuns to try and stop
its actions, as Predestination or Destiny (Su Ming)
is an [unalterable] result.

Yun Pŭ Shu Kāi D Sǐ Hn Shēng Shēn Shēn
It is the Motivation of the Predestined Relationship (Yuan).
Universal Acceptance (Pu Shou) deems
the opening up of the limits given at the occasion
of Death, when a [Person's] Hun Soul (Si Hun) is a product
of Life (Shen). Your body and personal self (Shen) [is intended]

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