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DaoZang Volume 5,  070b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 070a1

Jīn Zhēn Lǎng Y
there was a golden color, a true light bright and clear.
Out of this luxuriousness,

Li Xiǎng Yn Yng Y Yīn Sh Q Lng Fēng J Yān
drifting around making noisy sounds, from the clouds came
the management of the beautifule news.
Assimulating the Qi along with the marvellous energy of the wind,
there gathered together smoke,

Zǐ Xū Y Xi Shn Q Hu Xun Bin Hu Yīn Yng Fŭ Y Wn Xiān Qiān
H Wn H Z Rn

purple in the emptiness of the Void (Xu), fragrant as a flower.
The Qi Spirit (of the Mind and Heart) circled round,
with the Transformation (Bian Hua) of Yin and Yang,
brought by an assistant to the Ten Thousand Fairies.
A Thousand Gentle Kindnesses and Ten Thousand Cooperative Goodnesses,
come through Acting Naturally (Zi Ran).

Chng Zhēn Zhōng Yŏu Shn Shn Zhōng Yŏu Q F Jǐng
The result is an accomplishment that is genuine.
The Center deals with the Divine Spirit (Shen),
and this Divinity (Shen) at the center is where is dealt with the Qi. This agrees with the view shown by the Scene (Jing).

Chn Guāng Fǎn F Q Shn Nn J D Gōng Zhǎng Shēng D Jūn W Yīng
Gōng Zǐ

This [presentation] deals with the [Bright Rays of] light,
and returns to the Qi of the Mind (Shen Qi).
At the Southern Pole there is the Emperor's Palace (Di Gong),
where there is given out Longevity (Zhang Sheng).
The Great Sovereign (Da Jun) is not a graceful Young Aristocrat,

Bi Yun Zūn Shn Ti Yī Sī Mng To Kāng H Yn Zh F Bǎ L
Rather, he is the Clear-White Primary Component (Bai Yuan),
the Venerable Divinity (Zun Shen), the Greatest-Of-All,
the God of the Kitchen and the Director God of Fate (Si Ming).
With the Peach (Tao) one's well-being is harmoniously prolonged.
Holding in the one hand the Fu (the Drawn Magic Charm),
and grasping in the other the Lu (the Map)

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