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DaoZang Volume 5,  070a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 070a2

Ji Yn
calamity and good fortune,

Shn Q Zhǎng Cn Fn Q M Lu Wn Fn Kāi Zhāng Yun Gāng
Li Yǎn

the Spirit of the Mind (Shen Qi) can live forever through the Brahmin (Fan).
The Qi overflows.
There is a spreading out of the Thousand Laws (Wan Fan)
of which the first order of business
is the First and Main Principle (Yuan Gang).
One circulates, evolving around in

Sān Sh r Tiān Ln Zhun W S Zhōu Hu Sh Fāng Shn Q Pŭ Yn

the thirty-two Heavens, revolving without color or description (Wu Se)
revert back to and help explain the information given
by the Ten Directions (Shi Fang- East South West North East-North East-South
West-South West-North Upwards and Downwards)
to the Spirit of the Mind (Shen Qi).
Universal movement with the Four Understandings (Si Da)

Hung Hung Xun Dŏu L J Hu D Wŭ Chng Sān Sh Wŭ Fēn
Zŏng Q Shng Yun

is like a grand whirlwind.
At the Dipper there is the successive going through
of it as if it were a Winnowing Basket (Ji).
Circling round observing the tolerances of the Normal Motion
of the Five Activities (Wu Chang).
The thirty-five Divisions unite with
the Upper Origin (Shang Yuan),

Bā Jǐng Mng H Q R Xun Xun Xun Zhōng Ti Hung Shng D Gāo

and the Eight Auspicious Prospects (Ba Jing).
At the Nether World there is the Harmonious Qi.
entering into this, there is Profundity (Xuan Xuan).
at the Center is the Great Emperor,
the Supreme God (Shang Di) of Highest-Truth (Gao Zhen).

Y Cng Shn Q Bin Hu Shēng Chng Fn Jǐng Ti Xi Xio Yŏng Dng

Likewise one is to follow with the Spirit Qi (Shen Qi).
With Transformation (Bian Hua) it grows into
what is shown in the floating Scene (Jing).
Over this, in the great red-tinged clouds, there was howling,
it was the singing of the Cavity Chapter (Dong Zhang)

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