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DaoZang Volume 5,  070a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 13 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 070a1
[Page 70]

Sān Ji
the Three Borders of Past, Present, and Future Existance (San Jie

Chng Yng Shn Wi Tiān Yīn Q Wi Qun W J W S Qun J W
Yuān Shn Q

to be turned into Yang Shen (Yang Divine Spirit).
Its nature is Yin Energy (Yin Qi), intended for the fountainhead
of the Unbounded Pre-State of All Things (Wu Ji)
being Without Color or Description (Wu Se).
This is the Spring of the Nothingness (Wu Ji).
The Deep Pool (Yuan) of the Spirit of the Mind and Heart (Shen Qi).

Mng Mng D Zng Wi Tiān Tiān Shng Tiān Xi W Yōu W Mng
Obscure it is in the Earth (Di),
stored hidden away for Heaven (Tian).
Heaven is above, as is natural (Tian Shang),
and the world underneath it.
Nothing is hidden deep, imprisoned in the Nether World (Wu Yu).
Nothing lies deep and obscure in the Nether World (Wu Ming).

W Xng W Yǐng W J W Qong Shn Jing Q Shēng Li Jīng Y
Lio Mng Xǐng

Invisible (Wu Xing) this is without Shadow or Reflection (Wu Ying)
the Unbounded Pre-State of All Things (Wu Ji).
Endless and Inexhaustible (Wu Qiong), the spirit (Shen) drops below.
The Qi ascends, circulating the Essence (Jing) [where it is] gloomy and deserted,
much like a sea or watery expanse.

D Fn Lio Ku W Guāng Ch Mng Kāi T Yn D Z Rn Yun
The Buddhists (Da Fan) of the Liao Dynasty had a [sort of an] outline of this,
but it was without any brightness.
However, those who were loyal and sincere with their sharp eyes saw
opened out the pictured movements of Nature's Principles (Zi Ran Yuan).

Shǐ Ān Zhn Fū Lu Wŭ Piān Ch Shū Y Z Bā Wēi Lng Wn Bǎo Zh
Started in a Peaceful Town (AnZhen),
it was here that applying pages from the
Five Chapters of the Red Book (Chi Zhu),
along with the Jade characters (Yu Zi)
of the Eight-Prestige Symbol's Baton of Power (Ba Wei),
a Bright Young Man (Long Wen) could go through use of
the guarranteed preservation control formula (Bao Zhi) directed towards

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