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DaoZang Volume 5,  069a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 12 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 069a2

Shn M Wng
the King of the Demons (Mo Wang)

Dng P Dng Hu Hēi Shn M Wng N Xi Ān Zhng Hung Shn
M Wng

surely fixes upon the Inferior Soul (Po).
Rinsing away the abominations is the Black God (Hei Shen).
[Those who follow] Mo Wang are addicted to Perversity (Ni) Bringing peace and safety is the (task of) the Positive
and Upright Yellow God (Huang Shen).

Zŏng Jiān Wn Q Wŭ Shn Zhēn M Wn Lng Zhī Zŏng Fēi Xng Gŭ
He is the Inspector General (Zong Jian) of the Ten Thousand Breaths (Wan Qi).
The Five Gods (Wu Shen) are Real (Zhen) [against the demons].
All of the Myriad Marvellous Spirits of the Ancestors ((Zong)
could fly, stirring up the things below with their wings.

Cng Q Hu Shn Bīng Huī Chung Ch Ji Yu Guān Ti Kōng Shn
Bin H Q Zhū

Following the Qi, transformed the Divine Troops (Shen Bing)
to follow their Commander's Standard (Hui).
Holding this Pennant (Chuang), grasped by each section,
One could ramble about and observe the Great Void of Outer Space (Tai Kong).
Divine-Supernatural Metamorphosis (Shen Bian),
with grand abandon it brought into effect

Tiān Q Gōng Shng Tiān D Rn Yn Sh Bĕi Fēng Shn Wng Shu Mng
Pŭ Sǎo

Nature working simultaneously with the Providence of Heaven (Shang Tian).
Salvation (Du Ren), [dispensed] as if by a Father, stern and solemn
could be assimulated.
In the North, against Hell, the God-King (Shen Wang)
gave out the mission to do a general sweep up,

B Xing Shōu Shn Sh Q Bin Hu Fēi Xiān Jīn Jīng Tŭ D Tiān Mǎ
so that things of Evil Omen (Bu Xiang) were gathered
up and restrained.
The gods (Shen) absorbed them,
and Qi brought about Change (Bian Hua).
Brought by a Flying Genii (Fei Xian) is a Golden Essence (Jin Jing),
which causes the disgorgement of poisons.
A Pegasus Horse of Heaven

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