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DaoZang Volume 5,  068b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 11 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 068b2

Tiān Zhōng Kōng Dng
The Heavens are in the Cave (Kong Dong).

Z Rn Lng Zhāng Zhū Tiān Yǐn Yn Tiān Zhōng Zhī Yīn Tiān Zhōng
The Natural Energy and Spirit (Ran Ling) of the this section
[consist of] Heavenly Rhymes concerning Heaven's Center.
[Regarding] Heaven's Center itself,

Zhī Zūn Tiān Zhōng Zhī Shn Tiān Zhōng D M Tiān Zhōng Zhī Lng
Shn H Q H Bin Hu Shng Qīng W Ling

[one is to] honor and venerate Heaven's Center (Tian Zhong) and its god.
[In contrast to] the Great Demon (Da Mo), Heaven's Center
[contains] an Efficacious God (Ling Shen), friendly and kind,
bringing for the harmonious Change (Bian Hua) of the Highest Clarity Tradition.

Zhī o Shēn B Kĕ Xing Fū Lu Shn Zhēn Pŭ D Tiān Rn Jīn R
and Profound, it is truly deep, so that the details
be sufficient for it to be left behind.
[This is needed] so that a god can truly [be accessed to bring about]
the Relief of Souls out of Purgatory (Pu Du).
All [wishing to become] Celestial Beings (Tian Ren) shall now

Xīn Qng Shu D L Guān Zhū Tiān Shn Bin Wn Zhēn Qǐng Mi Sān Q Hu Bǎi Lng Zhǎn Je D Gēn Fēi D Wŭ H
rejoice in the good luck [of being given the opportunity] to endure the time needed to go through the barrier
and thereby bring into effect complete Heavenly
Divine Supernatural Metamorphosis.
The myriads shall truly ask for the complete extinguishment
of the Three Evils (San E).
Therefore the Transformative Action of the Qi (Qi Hua)
will affect the Hundred Ling (Bai Ling- the Spirit or Energy of a being),
severing completely the Earth-Root
so one can fly at the right time through the Five Doors.

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