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DaoZang Volume 5,  068a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 11 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 068a2

Bĕi Fāng Bā Tiān
The Northern Eight Heavens.

Zǐ D Jng Mng Tiān
'At the Purple limits, everything is still and brilliant' Heaven.

D Chn B C Gōng
Emperor 'With sincere feeling, for the Uncle (Bo), are the times of respect'.

J Hn Ch Xi Tiān
'With Words (Ju) the Superior Vital Spirit (Hun)
is divided away from the Perverse' Heaven .

D Wĕi Fng J Hu
Emperor 'At the Tail-end,
the houses of the Constellation are Avoided during their Seasons'.

Zhng Ch Gāo Xun Y Zhēn Tiān
'At the first month of the lunar year,
scrutinizing the High Profound (Gao Xuan) will show the truth' Heaven.

D Dǎo Jī L Kāi
Emperor 'The island's foundation was written down in the open'.

Xun F Xū Xi Tiān
'The Dark Charm (Xuan Fu),
Void-Emptiness (Xu) it has jurisdiction over' Heaven.

D M Guān F Lng
Emperor 'With fine and meticulous observation
attends to the Marvellous Power (Ling)'.

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