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DaoZang Volume 5,  066b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 9 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 066b2

Bin Hu Shēng Shēn Shēng Shēn Shēng Shēn Shu D Ji Ji Zhǎng Cn
Su Ji Ln Zhun Yŭ

the Transformation of Life in the Body (Bian Hua Sheng Shen).
Life in the Body (Sheng Shen) receives from this Limitless Time (Shou Du),
so that for generation after generation
one will continue to live forever.
Adapting to this allows [one to get along until]
calamity turns around through the aid of

Tiān Q Nin Bǎo D Sān T Wŭ Kŭ Bā Nn Chāo Lng Sān Ji Xiāo Yo
Similarily, during the same period of time this will protect one at all times.
The Three (San) blot out the Five Hardships (Wu Ku)
and the Eight Difficulties (Ba Nan).
In addition these also allow one to transcend and avoid
the Three Borders (Past, Present, and Future Existences) so as to
leisurely wander about far and wide following

Shng Qīng Shng Qīng Zhī Tiān Tiān D Dng Ln W S Zhī Jng
Fn Fn Xng

the Highest Clarity (Shang Qing).
This is the Highest Clarity Tradition (Shang Qing) of Heaven.
Heaven's God (Tian Di) thoroughly penetrates the Cavity (Dong).
As it turns, it is without color or description.
[Beyond the] boundaries of the Brahmans and the Buddhists it extends.

Dōng Fāng Bā Tiān
The Eastern Eight Heavens

Shn Bin Jiu( Zhe-n Tia-n
'Divine-Supernatural Metamorphosis [is a result of the] Nine Truths' Heaven

D Fn Lng Xu- Qun
Emperor 'For the Brahmin's Power (Ling); Void-Emptiness is the Fountainhead'.

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