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DaoZang Volume 5,  066a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 9 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 066a1
[Page 66]

Jiŭ S Zhēn Lng Jin Zho Shn Sh Q Bin Hu
nine colors.
Clearly, it is by the Imperial Dragon (Long) that it has been set up,
to summon the gods to conserve ones health through Qi Transformation (Bian Hua),

Zhī Ji Sān Yun Hu Mng Bǎo Shēng Lng Fān Qin Yŏng Dng Wn Q Chng T Chuī B Qū Tng Yīn
for the divisions of the the Three Origins
(San Yuan- (Heaven Origin, Earth Origin, and Man Origin)
so to turn Around Fate.
Carrying the Preserving-Life Banner (Bao Sheng Ling Fan- Carried to call
back the spirit of the dead) at their front, with someone reciting
some Cavity Writings (Dong Wen) with a chorus of pupils.
This was followed by a wind instrument section
playing music of similar sounds,

Shī Zǐ Bi H Xio Gē Yōng Yōng Wŭ Lǎo Qǐ T Qn Xiān Y Yun Y Chng
to the Lion and White Crane, roaring a song along with bird-singing.
The Five Old Men (Wu Lao) who were explaining the Route (Tu),
and a group of Fairies (Xian) who assisted with the carts and horses.
In these there were a hundred million passengers.

Wn Q F Kōng r Li Qīng Guāng Hu Ji Bin Hu D Rn
There were ten thousand cavalrymen riding on
the Floating-Superficial Void-Emptiness (Fu Kong),
and inviting one to come forward, bending towards the bright rays.
Circling in the carriage [heading toward]
Transformation and Salvation (Bian Hua Du Ren)

Zhū Tiān Chng Xiāng Nn Chāng Shng Gōng Hn Sī Zhŭ L Jiān Shēng
in the Heavens.
The Prime Minister at NanChang went up above the
imperial palace walls [to see] the Department Master, the One Who
Writes down the Inspection of Life (Zi Zhu Jian Sheng).

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