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DaoZang Volume 5,  063a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 6 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 063a2

Qīng Lng Hu Yŭ Zhī F Kŏu Zhōng Chuī Q Chng Fēng Chuī Cǐ Yn Q
B Wng Gōng Din Zhōng Yŏu Shn Rn Yī

Covered with cerulean dragons, feathers, and flowers.
Out of his mouth come puffs of steam.
The result is the wind blowing clouds and mist.

Zuŏ Hu Yūe Jiŭ Jiŭ Shŭ Zhōu
Going to the left in a circle,
turning about nine times nine (ie, eighty-one), that is the number of the circuits.

Nǎi Jin Kōng Zhōng Suŏ Cn Li Zhĕ Wn Shn
The meeting is in the sky (Kong Zhong) at the place where are located
the welcoming Thousand Divine Spirits (Wan Shen).

Yŭ Fēi Shēn Zhōng Bǎi Shn H Wi Yī Shēn Zhung R Yīng r Xi Yī
Jǐn Shāng Du Fēi Min Zu

Together with them one simply must proceed
to the body's Center (Shen Zhong) where the Hundred Gods (Bai Shen)
harmonize the entire frame, the form of which is like that of the
Infant-Master [of the Gate of Vital Force] in an embroidered dress
and a bright and beautiful brocaded skirt.
Placed opposite to them one must simply face them,

Tīng Fēi Sng Jīng Q Hun R Fēi Kŏu Zhōng
to hear and obey by chanting the liturgies.
When this is finished, one returns to enter,
doing so one simply must use the mouth.

Shng N Wn Zhōng Hu Min Xing Wi Y Min Xing Ni Cǐ Wi
Rising up to the Mud Ball (Ni Wan- the Brain) from the Center
this all resembles a tableau.
Outwardly, when the evening comes one is to then face in the Eastern Direction.
Inwardly, there is to take place

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