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DaoZang Volume 5,  062b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 5 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 062b1

Zhēn Rn Bĕn Mng Zhī R Sng Yŏng Sh Jīng Shn Bin Jiŭ Gōng Q Hu
of the Perfected One, the Book of Life (Ben Ming- Natal Destiny
and the times and governing deities thereof)
are used in the daily recitation of scriptures of Divine-Supernatural
Metamorphosis (Shen Bian).
In the Nine Palaces (Jiu Gong) the Transformative Action of the Vital Energy (Qi Hua)

Jiŭ Zhēn Hn Yī Z Rn Yŭ D Tng Mĕng Hn Shn Dng Zhng Wn Q
Zhǎng Cn B Jīng Kŭ Nǎo Shēn

and the Nine Truths (Jiu Zhen) there is an amalgamation of Nature
and the Emperor to form an alliance.
The Superior Vital Soul (Hun) through God is Clarified,
and during the first month of the lunar year,
the Thousand Influences (Wan Qi) increase and strengthen, allowing eternal life,
enabling one to not have to pass through trouble or distress.

Yŏu Guāng Mng Sān Ji Sh Wi Wŭ D
exists with a bright and pure light, [dealing with] the Three Borders
(San Ji- Past, Present, and Future Existences) with its Imperial Bodyguards (Shi Wei),
and the Five Emperors of Old (Wu Di)

Sī Yng Wn Shn Cho Lǐ Mng Shū Shng Tiān Gōng
and their departmental ministry, welcomed by the Thousand Divine Spirits (Wan Shen)
with a Ceremony.
There is described the Book of Heaven (Shu Shang Tian) so that one

Mǎn D Ju Fēi Shēng Shng Qīng
is filled with virtue and kindness,
and can engage in the flight up to the Highest Clarity (Shang Qing).

Do Yn Xng Do Zhī R Jiē Dāng Xiāng Yng M Y Zhāi Ji Bā Sh
Daoist Doctrine states that the Current procedure is for each and every day
to draw scented hot water to immerse themselves in and bathe [thoroughly].
[Observing the rules of] fast and abstinence,

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