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DaoZang Volume 5,  062a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 5 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 062a2

Shēn M Q Hu Ān Nng Ni Jǐng Zhāi Xiān Yu Yn Y Hu Wi Guŏ Tŭ D Zhŭ Ān Zhn Guŏ
very deep and dense is the secret Transformative Action of the Qi (Qi Hua).
Carried out while reposing peacefully in an indoor setting,
fasting in a study room.
Meanwhile one is a Fairy, rambling about and entertaining at banquets (You Yan).
With the Beautiful Jade Flower (Yu Hua),
is governed the country by the Earth Emperor,
the God of Land (Tu Di) is the Ruler (Zhu),
ensuring the peace and protection of every city and village in the nation

Zuŏ Bǎo Tiān Zhǎng Cn Sh Sh B Je Chng Wi Rn Jūn Ān Zhn
which confers the felicity of Heaven's Protection and Preservation,
thus guarranteeing [that one can] continue to live forever
through generation after generation and never be exhausted.
Given as a principle for others showing how to conduct oneself,
by the Sovereign of Peace (Jun An) in the towns and market places.

Q Fāng Mn Chēng Ti Png Bā Ji Zhī R Sng Yŏng Sh Jīng Shn Bin
Shn Chng Q Hu Xn

From this place it is that the people call it by the name of
Great Peace (Tai Ping- this being the Daozang's second of the 'Four Supplements',
relating to the work Tai Ping Jing).
Eight sections of it [are used] in the daily recitation of this scripture,
Divine Supernatural Metamorphosis (Shen Bian) is arranged in its suitable order
according to the constant Formative Activity of the Qi (Qi Hua).
To follow

Jīng Ni Jǐng Tio Yǎn Jīn Ch Y Hng D
the Scriptures in an internal setting,
[there is a] blending and spreading out,
in the Golden Pond (Jin Chi) beautiful and deep,
it is certainly fit

Wi Jiŭ Gōng
for the Nine Palaces

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