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DaoZang Volume 5,  061b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 4 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 061b1

Jīng Gōng Mǎn Shn Bin D Ju Q Hu Jiē D
of the Scriptures is [fully] achieved, the result is being filled with
Divine-Supernatural Metamorphosis (Shen Bian).
With Virtue and Kindness (De), engaged with the Transformative Action
of the Qi (Qi Hua), all can gain

Shn Xiān Fēi Shēng Jīn Qu Yu Yn Y Jīng Yĕ Shng Xe Zhī
Celestial-Being Fairyhood and fly up to Heaven.
At the Golden Palace they ramble about and entertain at the banquets.
At the Jade Capital as well one is going to school to become

Sh Xiū Sng Sh Jīng Shn Q Lin Hu Jiē J Shu D Fēi Shēng Nn
Gōng Sh Rn Shu Sng Shn B Q Shēn Zhēn Q Ni Yng Z Yn
Shu Zhǎng Nin

a Learned Gentlement (Shi), and thereby be able to be educated
to recite these Scriptures.
Thus allowing for the [body's] Qi to be refined and transformed
so that everyone is inspired to endure the time [needed in training]
so as to be able to fly up into heaven to the Southern Palace.
this way the common people can receive the chanting of it,
so the Divine Spirit (Shen) shall not be removed from the body.
With Prenatal Qi (Zhen Qi) it is on the inside where it operates.
Therefore following its rules will retract one's age and increase one's years.

Hu Jiē D Zu Shī Jiĕ Zhī Do Hn Shn Zn Mi B Jīng D Y
Behind this all will have to suffer through the act of being a corpse.
The solution is in using the Path (Dao) so that the Divine Soul (Hun Shen)
is briefly extinguished without having to pass through the inferno of Hell.

J D Fǎn Xng Yu Xng Ti Kōng Cǐ Jīng
though the result of this is to return with a [properly formed] body
used to walk around the Great Void.
These Scriptures [act]

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