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DaoZang Volume 5,  060b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 3 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 060b2

Shn Q H Yīng Bin Hu Sh Hū H Hǎi Shān Yu Ĕr Wng
Cn R Yu

the Spirit of the Mind and Heart (Shen Qi) harmoniziously responding
to Change (Bian Hua) [that occurs] suddenly.
The rivers and seas, [even] the peaks of the Five Sacred Mountains
these seem as if they also suddenly disappear.
What is left behind is the Sun and the Moon

Xuān Jī Zhōu Li Yǐn Xiǎn Shn Zhī Suŏ Bin Wn Shng Q Ln Z Qn
M Sh Xng Guǐ

like that on an Armillary Sphere (Xuan Ji).
To be roaming about hidden from plain view,
and as if by Divine Magic (Shen) these places alter and change.
The Myriad Sages (Wan Sheng) uniformly wrote about
how to regulate the crowds of demons and monsters,
and bind up the entities of the ghosts

Jīng Mi Shuǎng Q Zhī Suŏ Hu Z Hu Shī Qǐ Sǐ Bi G
so that their life-force is extinguished just as if it were a light.
In a comfortable place of accomodation, in a building that has been
chosen for such a thing, Transformation (Hua) is to take place.
There reversing the [state of a corpse so as cause it to]
rise up from the dead, and a dry skeleton

Chng Rn Zh Xe Zhī Sh Sng Zhī Sh Gu Z Shn Bin Wŭ D Q Hu
is turned into a fully grown person.
This requires the extremely [high level study and knowledge]
of a scholar trained in this field to chant the Ten Deviations.
Thereby following the Divine-Supernatural Metamorphosis (Shi Bian)
of the Five Emperors of Old (Wu Di).
following the Transformative Action (Qi Hua) of the Qi

Sān Ji M Jīng Sāng Yǎn Guǐ Yo Mi Shuǎng J D
[Beyond the] Three Borders (of Past, Present and Future Existence)
[though] the demons may have extracted all of the Life-Force (Jing),
and at the mourning taking place at the funeral,<> it only takes one glance at the the ghosts and terrible tricks,
yet they, along with their Supernatural Times and Events (Yao)
are extinguished as if one were putting out a light.
Such straightforward success is the measure of these things.

Chu Sǐ Je r
Someone may have reached the point of being completely moribund, yet

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