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DaoZang Volume 5,  060a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 3 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 060a2

W Yŏu Zhōng Shāng Qīng Tŭ Guī Yǎng Xin Mi Yŏu Xīn J Mio J Xun
J Dng J Zhēn J Hu J Yng J Bin J Tōng J Shn J

not for any villification or undermining,
the Earth is overturned and emptied out
so that respect can be given entirely to Extinguishment.
To have the Mind and its Feelings at their Zenith (Xin Ji),
Wonderous Cleverment and Subtlety at their Zenith (Miao Ji),
Profundity and Abtruseness at their Zenith (Xuan Ji),
the Cavity and Penetrating-Thoroughness at their Zenith (Don Ji),
Truth and Reality at their Zenith (Zhen Ji),
Dissolution and Conversion at their Zenith (Hua Ji),
Application and Usefulness at their Zenith (Yong Ji),
Change and Transformation at their Zenith (Bian Ji),
Expertise and Overall Understanding at their Zenith (Tong Ji),
Divine Mind and Magical Cleverness at their Zenith (Shen Ji).

Lng Xīn W Zh Do
The Marvellous Power of the Mind (Ling Xin)
is realized to its extreme to the Way (Dao).

H Tǐ Xū Mng Q Tng C i Y G Chng Qīn Guŏ Ān Mn Fēng Xīn Yu
Harmonizing the body with the Void is clearly similar to how
a mother's love differs in its character after one gets married.
The country is peaceful, and among the folk there is an abundance
of rejoicing and happiness.

Ti Png Jīng Shǐ Chū Jiāo Yī Guŏ Yǐ Do Y Yŏu Zh Xīn
The Great Peace Classic (the Tai Ping Jing) is the Scripture produced
to teach the whole country the use of the Way (Dao).
It previously had a Great-Minded

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