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DaoZang Volume 5,  058a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 1 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 058a1
[Page 58]

Shān Chuān Ln M
the mountains and rivers and forests.

Miǎn Png Yī Dĕng W F Gāo Xi Tŭ Jiē Zu Ru Y W Yŏu
To reflect back on remote times, all things were equal and first-rate.
There was no relative superiority or inferiority anywhere on the Earth.
Everyone suffered through their own misdeeds or was lucky and handsome.
There was no

Y S Zhng Zhēn Sh Zu
difference in color or quality.
Many clearly attended upon the Constellation-Seat of

Yun Shǐ Tiān Zūn Xun Zu Kōng F Shn Hu Wn Q Bǎo Qu
Zhī Shng Shuō Jīng Yī Bin Zhū

the Primal Heaven Venerable-Worthy (Yuan Shi Tian Zun),
Dark and Profound (Xuan) sitting in the empty sky,
just floating [above] with the Spiritual Transformation (Shen Hua) at the Ten Thousand Influences Jade Imperial Palace (Wan Qi Bao Que) that is above.
To explain that the Doctrine of the First Universality brings into effect

Tiān D Shng Tng Sh Chēng Shn Sh Sh Yī Guŏ Nn Nŭ
the Heaven of the Great Sage (Da Sheng).
At that time this was [much] praised and admired.
Nowdays the whole country, men and women alike,

Zhī Do Bin Hu X Yu Shn Q Nǎi Zh Tiān Chng Zǐ Din B G

are aware of and understand what is Change (Hua),
and know entirely about the Gods
and their Supernatural Influences (Shen Qi ).
And, in the Heavens above, in a large walled town
there is a Palace (Dian) with a bluish-green [two-storied] pavilion.
In a yellow

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