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DaoZang Volume 5,  057b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 17 Scroll 24
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 057b2

Shǐ Dāng Y Zu Tiān Zhēn D Shn
only then it is suitable, [having these technical attainments,]
to take a visit to the Constellation-Seat (Zuo Tian)
of the Celestially-Endowed Diety

Shng Shng Gāo Zūn Mio Xng Zhēn Rn W Yng
The Superior-Sage Great-Venerable Wonderous-Conduct [Senior-Level] Perfected One,
who is Unhaltered.

Shŭ Zhng Chng Kōng r Li B Xū Shn Xi Fng
The numerous crowds riding in a chariot coming [from] the empty heavens
upon arrival to appear out of the bluish-green Void (Xu).
Fanning the red-tinged clouds like a Male Phoenix (Feng)

Y Qong Ln L Gi Hu Png Li Cǎi Jing Xiāo Bā Jǐng Jiāo Huī Dng
Hun Ti Kōng Sān R Sān Y

a chariot with fine jade wheels and a green canopy;
with its cart-sides surrounded with flowery screens,
drifting around with the colorful lowering clouds.
The Eight Auspicious Prospects (Ba Jing)
are met with in the brightness of the Cavity (Dong)
shining and glowing in the Great Void of Outer Space.
For Three days and three nights

Zhū Tiān Y L Bǎo Guāng Shng Zho Xun Dū Gōng Qu Sēn Lu
Yun Gāng Ti Guān Lǎng Rn Ch Jin

in the Heavens, the Jade Map (Yu Lu) shines with its precious rays glowing.
Above, it shines like a mirror.
In Fairyland (Xuan Du) at the palace gate [with its surroundings] full of trees,
there is displayed the First and Main Principle (Yuan Gang).
From the Platform-Terrace is observed everything lit up,
with brightness thoroughtly penetrating to allow things to be seen.

Ji Rn Wēi Fēi Ln Hun H Yī Guŏ D Tŭ
and calamity measured out.
Above, lofty and high, flying and hovering about on wheels turning,
shining and glowing, grand above the entire country and all of its land,

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