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DaoZang Volume 5,  054b2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 23
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 054b2

D Zho Jing Zhī
resulting in the merit and virtue to summon and tame

R Fā Xīn Xiū Zhāi Shāo Xiāng Sng Jīng Sh Gu Jiē Zhēn Lng J Mng
each day, and externalize the True Motive' of the Mind
[Fa Xin- through inner contemplation].
Studing and fasting from meat, having retired into a room to burn joss sticks
(before the idol), and chant the liturgy of the 'Ten Deviations (Shi Guo Jie).
For every one receives the True Marvellous Power,
[when] they sign their name

Wn Shng Li Ln Sh Bi Zh Rn K D Wi D Jūn Y Fŭ Zhī
amidst the Thousand Sages (Wan Sheng).
Approaching the Stone Inscription (Shi) as another
Perfect Man (Zhi Ren) in restraint.
The result is that at the Supreme Monarch's (Di Jun)
Jade Official Residence (Yu Fu) there are the

Chn Li Co J Rn Gōng Gu Ho Fēn W Shī Shn Xiāo Fēn Qīng Y Bǎo
Jŭ Ĕr Shēn D Do Zhĕ Nǎi Dāng

officers in their rows.
They are grouped together to watch and jot down a record of merits and faults,
They use fine writing brushes to differentiate everyone
without making any mistakes.
The God in his Heavenly Clouds (Xiao) assigns his own High Officials (Qing)
to likewise protect and raise up one's body so as to gain the Way (Dao).
Therefore, it is suitable that

Dng Mng Zh Yn Yĕ Zhū Tiān Zhōng D Fn Yǐn Yŭ W Ling Yīn
Penetrating-Cavity Brilliant-Illumination (Dong Ming)
consists of very Extreme Talk (Zhi Yan).
Likewise, 'The Center of Heaven contains the Great Brahmin'
is an elliptical set of words, [in reality describing an]
enigmatic allusion [consisting] of boundless sound and tone
[note that Great Brahmin (Da Fan) originally means 'the wind in the trees'].

Dào Jūn Xuǎn
The Way (Dao) has a Sovereign who is praised in writing.

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