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DaoZang Volume 5,  054b1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 23
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 054b1

Bā Tiān Zhŭ Sī G Qiǎn Fēi Xiān Shōu Gǎn Hu
of the Qi.
Employing the solidness of the land,
there comes calm and peaceful repose into the life of the people,
so that their well-being and health is achieved without cease.
Trnsformation (Hua) has to transcend and rise above everything.
Now, to have a Person who is fasting and in abstinence,
and is chanting the liturgy with skill and a kind moral heart. It is also extremely

Zhng Shng Xiāo Tiān Zāi Bǎo Zhn D Wng Xi Rǎng D Hi
important for this [to be heard] above to bring about the dispelling
of natural calamity through the Protecting-Garrison
of the Emperor (Bao Zhen Di Wang).
[It is necessary] for all below to remove evil by fasting and praying
to be able to remove the poison from everyone's mind.

Yǐ D Zho Mn Su Q Gōng Y Gǎn G Zhēn Lng G Yu W Ling Pŭ D Tiān Rn
it is used to measure the masses of the people,
by following their Merits and Achievements (Qi Gong).
This course of study causes one to be moved by the standard
of the Genuine Marvellous Power (Zhen Ling).
Therefore, they name it 'Boundless to Relieve Souls Out of Purgatory' (Wu Liang Pu Du),
and it is used in the creation of Celestial Beings (Tian Ren).

Do Yn Fn Yŏu Sh Jīng Nng Wi Tiān D Zhŭ Zho Mn Xng Sh Gōng D Zho Jing Zhī
Daoist doctrine states that ordinarily having these Scriptures
gives the energy and capability to deal with Heaven and Earth.
The Ruler and the mass of the people are to carry out the work,

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