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DaoZang Volume 5,  054a2

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 23
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 054a2

Hn Shn Jng Shng Nn Gōng Su Q Xe Gōng J R r D Gng Shēng Zhun
Ln B Gǎn Bin D Shn Xiān

the Superior Vital Spirit (Hun) seeks the gods (Shen),
using the Pathway leads directly upwards to the Southern Palace,
complying with ones study and the merits gauged each day.
Yet also Regenerating (Geng Sheng) with the Revolutions of the Wheel (Zhuan Lun),
there is no sense of its facilitation in gaining the status
of achieving Celestial-Being Fairyhood (De Shen Xian).

Do Yn Fū Tiān D Yn Zhōng Xīng S Cu D R Yu Shī Mng Yīn Yng
Daoist Doctrine says that a Man, [Just like] Heaven and Earth's movements,
[bring] fortune and luck, [in like fashion] that has no finish.
[In the same cyclic manner] the Constellations
are interlocked and alternate in their degrees.
The Sun and the Moon deviate from their norm and become bright and visible>.
Yin and Yang

B Tio Guŏ Jīng Yŏu Zāi Zho Mn Sǐ Shāng Shī Yŏu Mng Gu Jiē
Dāng Xiū Zhāi Xng Xiāng Sng Jīng Z

are not shifting.
The boundaries (Guo Jing) deal with calamity and disaster
of the mass of the people as they take their toll.
The Trained Master (Shi) is cordial to the life, and as time passes by,
when it is suitable to study, fasts from meat,
and retires into a room to burn incense and chant the liturgies.
The rule is

Bā Tiān Zhŭ Sī G Qiǎn Fēi Xiān Shōu Gǎn Hu
that there are eight god-departments.
Each of these dispatch Flying Female Fairies (Fei Xia) to gather in
those affected by Evil Disaster (Huo Hai)

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