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DaoZang Volume 5,  054a1

Numinous Treasure Without Measure Salvation Highest Grade Wonderful-Scripture Plate 14 Scroll 23
DaoZang woodblock print from Volume 0005, Page 054a1
[Page 54]

Xng Xiāng Sh Bin Zhun Jīng Gāo Shng
All the while burning incense and chanting the Tenth Universality (Shi Bian),
passing on the scriptures to a hight sage.

L Jing Xiāo Zhū B Xing W Ling Zhī Wn Pŭ
D W Qong

Immediately vanquishment and elimination of all portents of the evil omen.
Boundless and Immeasurable, [use of] this written work will
Relieve Souls out of Purgatory; [it is truly] Endless and Inexhaustible.

Do Yn Fū M Xe Do Qiǎn Hu Xiān Pǐn
Daoist Doctrine states that common man, having superficial learning of the Way,
[even with a recent or rudimentary achievement as] a person of Fairy Class level

Wi Chōng Yn Yīng Mi D Shēn Jīng Ti Yīn Ln Gu Zhī
does not [yet] have the full capacity to make use of this properly.
Extinguishment (Mie) extends to the full limits of the Body.
In the Scripture, Fullest Yin (Tai Yin- representing the Moon or its Meridian Channel)
arrives at the [greatest] point of error of

Sh Tng Xe Zh Rn Wi Q Xng Xiāng Sng Jīng Sh Gu Zh Wŭ
Lng Zhī

Similarly, when studying to become a Perfect Man (Zhi Ren),
to do this, one will burn incense and chant the liturgies of the Ten Deviations
causing them to reach to the Five Marvellous Powers
(Wu Ling- the Five Planets consisting of Venus, Jupiter, Mercury,
Mars, and Saturn),

Tng Yǐ Shǐ Shēng Zhī Yīng Lin D Shī Xng R
[it is like a] Child (Tong)
because at the beginning of life there is produced
[like] a beautiful flower; a refinement
of the limits of the corpse body.

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